EXOS Events - Case Study

Executive Summary

Exos Fitness held their Virtual Continuous Improvement Mini-Summit with the help of Whova’s all-in-one event software.

Performance consultants for FIFA, NFL, UFC, and more joined in speaking at the event and sharing their knowledge about the fitness industry. The organizers successfully tracked attendee session attendance to distribute vital training credits using Whova’s platform.

Interview with the Organizers

About Exos Internal Virtual Continuous Improvement Mini-Summit

Exos is a human performance company that has trained over 215 Olympians and 29% of the world’s fortune 100 companies. They are a global leader in the fitness industry, with over 4,000 team members in 13 countries. 

Their mini-summit centered on continuous improvement and “Training with an Eye to the Future”. With Whova’s assistance, the organizers easily managed speaker and session information to smoothly run their event. 




Session views


Discussion topics




  • Distribute training credits 

The mini-summit was a critical opportunity for attendees to earn continuing education units (CEUs). The organizers needed to track session attendance to verify attendees were present to earn CEUs.

  • Connect live stream sessions through Zoom

The organizers wanted to save time planning live streams sessions and efficiently set up streaming information on Whova’s platform.

  • Manage many multiple session themes

The organizers wanted to have multiple topics that would appeal to attendees of different backgrounds, including professional athletes, corporate professionals, and athletic trainers.

  • Network at the event

The event was a critical opportunity for attendees to chat and discuss new ideas to advance their field. The organizers wanted to encourage virtual meetups and discussion in the app.

  • Organize speaker information across the nation

With speakers joining the summit from different time zones all over the nation, the organizers needed an efficient method to set up their information and update changes before the event.


  • Track attendee session attendance with Whova 

The Virtual Continuous Improvement Mini-Summit provided continuing education units (CEUs) for trainers and athletes, verified by the Next College Student Athlete (NSCA) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Whova automatically creates a comprehensive list of the attendees present in sessions, complete with company names and emails. The list also includes how long attendees stayed in specific sessions. It was then easy for the organizers to email attendees their CEUs from Whova’s conveniently generated attendee activity lists. 

EXOS Internal Virtual Continuous Improvement Mini-Summit - Sessions

The organizers could view attendee session viewing and activity

  • Streamline live streams by linking Zoom onto Whova

Whova’s advanced stream integration made it easy for organizers to manage sessions and start live streams directly in Whova’s platform. The organizers linked their Zoom accounts directly to Whova to streamline the process of setting up live streams. From there, attendees could watch Zoom sessions directly in the app. The organizers could also disable the Zoom chat so that attendees would only use Whova’s in-app session chats.  

EXOS Internal Virtual Continuous Improvement Mini-Summit - Zoom

The organizers linked their Zoom account to quickly set up live streams

“Whova allowed us to do everything in one spot. The feedback was great; everyone said it was so easy to use. They could still listen to presentations on their phones and not be tied down by their computers.”

Jennifer Noiles

Sr. Performance Director and Organizer of Exos' Internal Virtual Continuous Improvement Mini-Summit

  • Organize sessions under color-coded tracks 

The Exos organizers created multiple different colored tracks in Whova’s track manager. They categorized sessions under general topics for practitioner tips, self-care activities, and general fitness tracks. The tracks were visible in the agenda for attendees to view and add to their personal agendas. 

EXOS Internal Virtual Continuous Improvement Mini-Summit - Tracks

Attendees could view different colored tracks in the agenda

“It was a nice clean way for people to see [sessions topic] options”

Jennifer Noiles

Sr. Performance Director and Organizer of Exos' Internal Virtual Continuous Improvement Mini-Summit

  • Inspire attendee networking on the Community Board

Whova’s Community Board, a chat forum on the app, was a popular tool attendees used to share discussion topics about local restaurants or industry news. Attendees also posted meetups and introduced themselves with the virtual icebreakers. Attendees shared and liked many inspirational training photos using Whova’s photo booth on the app. They added customized frames to their pictures to share directly from the app to their social media accounts. 

  • Manage speaker information on the speaker center

The organizers utilized Whova’s pre-made email templates to invite speakers to upload their information onto the speaker center. Any later changes made by the organizers or speakers were automatically updated in Whova’s system, with no further action required. This was especially beneficial when managing speakers in different time zones because the organizers did not have to manually gather speaker information. 

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