Mindful Communications Events - Case Study

Executive Summary

Mindful Communications partnered with Whova to hold their Mindfulness for Healthcare Summit online, hosting over 10,000 attendees around the world. 

Leading mindfulness teachers and healthcare professionals joined in speaking about anxiety and stress-reducing techniques. 

Using Whova’s all-in-one event management platform, the organizers easily separated accessibility in the app between free and premium tickets. Due to the success of their event, they plan to use Whova for their February 2022 virtual summit on Healing Healthcare. 

About Mindfulness for Healthcare Summit

Mindful Communications is a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to sharing the benefits of mindfulness, a stress-reduction technique, to help people live better. 

The Mindfulness for Healthcare Summit offered guidance and training for mindfulness teachers and first-time practitioners. 

With Whova’s help, the organizers engaged attendees through the Community Board, videos, and live-streamed sessions. 


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Sponsor impressions


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  • Manage different types of attendees  

The organizers offered both free and premium tickets, so they needed to provide access to more sessions for premium tickets. They wanted free tickets to only be able to access recorded sessions.

  • Keep recorded sessions and live streams in one space 

Many sessions included recorded videos and live streams, so the organizers wanted to make sure they could be displayed together for attendees to easily access.

  • Engage attendees during live sessions 

Mindfulness leaders and doctors were joining from all over the world, so the organizers wanted to make sure attendees were actively engaging with them during sessions.

  • Tier sponsorship based on levels of participation

To separate between different levels of sponsor support, the organizers needed to display sponsors at varying degrees of visibility in the app.


  • Categorize attendees with ticket session mapping

The organizers used Whova’s ticket session mapping to separate premium and free event subscribers. The convenient feature lets organizers assign tickets to specific days or sessions.

The free tickets could only view recorded sessions and no live streams, while premium and early bird tickets had access to all session content. 

Mindfulness for Healthcare Summit 2021 - Ticket Session Mapping

The organizers chose session accessibility for different ticket types

  • Display live stream and recorded sessions on the agenda

Whova’s virtual agenda allowed the organizers to display recorded videos and live streams in the same place on the app. 

The organizers posted recordings of live streams onto the app for attendees to access if they missed the live session. Attendees could access them at any point during the event and up to three months after it ended.

Other sessions showcased live streams and recorded videos simultaneously so that attendees could access supplemental recordings during a live session. 

Mindfulness for Healthcare Summit 2021 - Sessions

The organizers posted recorded videos of live streams onto the agenda

“Everyone wanted to hear from people and feel the audience there even if they couldn’t see them” Abby Spainer

Client relations assistant at Mindful and coordinator of the Mindfulness for Healthcare Summit 2021

Mindfulness for Healthcare Summit 2021 - Q&AAttendees could participate in the Q&A on the app
  • Engage attendees with Whova’s Q&A and live polls

With many different types of healthcare workers present, speakers used the polls to help them see if the majority of their audience were nurses, doctors, or completely new to mindfulness.

Once they understood their audiences better, they adjusted their presentations accordingly. During sessions, speakers also posted open ended questions through the live polls so attendees could share and chat about their answers. 

With the Q&A chat function, attendees could engage remotely by asking questions and liking other attendees’ questions. The most liked questions automatically moved to the top of the list, or moderators could pin questions they wanted speakers to answer first. 

  • Providing different benefits for sponsorship tiers

The organizers utilized Whova’s sponsor tiering manager to easily provide silver and bronze sponsors with different levels of visibility.

After assigning sponsors to either silver or bronze, they could choose to showcase them in the home, agenda, profile, and web app. The highest paying sponsors had the most visibility. 

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