I used to use a web-based survey and found that it was not effective to collect many feedback. Not many people were willing to open the laptop to do it during an event, and after an event, their mind seemed already moved on to something else.

This time, we did a survey through Whova. We added a link to our web survey under the “Survey” section, which is visible on the main page of the app.

During the lunch time and coffee breaks, I sent the attendees announcements through the app, asking them to take one minute to do the survey directly from the app. They received my message through push-notification on the app, and conveniently do the survey right from the app.

After the event, I also sent them a reminder. As the message was sent to both their emails and the app, it was super effective!  With one simple texting, I could reach out to my attendees through two channels.



  1. Enable the Survey icon on Whova
  2. Put the link to your web-based survey page
  3. Send announcements and reminders to your attendees during a lunch time or coffee break
  4. Do the same one-two days after your event

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