exhibitor promotional coupons & rafflesOur event had an 1 full day for exhibition. To maximize our exhibitors’ benefit and keep them coming back in the future, one major taskfor us is to help drive more traffic to their booths and ease their leads generation.

We ended up utilizing several features to achieve this. 1) We used the exhibitor profile, where the exhibitors can put more about their information in the app, so the attendees can know more about them and plan a visit; 2) We asked the exhibitors put their promotional collaterals such as coupons and raffles into the app, and the attendees will be attracted to either go to their booths, or submit their contact info in the app to get the coupons; 3) we let the Whova team pre-populate the attendee profiles, so the exhibitors can find their target leads more easily; 4) we encouraged the exhibitors to send their information in the discussion board so everyone can read about them.

These things didn’t take us much time, but had been effective. Our survey showed that the exhibitors were quite happy with the results. Hope this experience can be helpful to others as well.


Exhibitor Discussion board


  1. Enrich the exhibitor profiles
  2. Put exhibitor promotional materials to the app
  3. Utilize the attendees’ rich profiles for more targeted leads generation
  4. Use event bulletin board to announce the exhibitors




– contributed by Z Zolowicz, edited by Whova


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