Event Survey Questions for Cybersecurity Conferences

Efficiently delivering an informative and well-organized cybersecurity conference is a complex operation. Crafting an exceptional event survey might seem like something to put on the backburner while you’re in the midst of coordinating all of the moving pieces before your conference. But utilizing a great conference survey can actually make a critical difference in your understanding of the event outcome and ease future planning.

So we created a comprehensive, ready-to-use event survey template for cybersecurity conferences to save you the time.

Here are a few examples of the survey questions you can choose from:

1. Which role best describes you?

  • Policy-maker / Company executive
  • Cybersecurity professional
  • Academic
  • Student
  • Media
  • General Public

2. How effective was the conference in demonstrating the latest trends and concepts in cybersecurity?

  • Extremely effective
  • Very effective
  • Somewhat effective
  • Not very effective
  • Not at all effective

3. As a result of this conference, do you plan to promote or request changes in cybersecurity practice within your organization or community?

  • Yes
  • No

To get the full list of 16 event survey questions, fill out the form and click “Download Template”.

Download Event Survey Template for Cybersecurity Conferences (16 Questions)

Gathering baseline information, satisfaction rates, and critical insights from your attendees will be necessary for updating and improving your next cybersecurity conference. The right set of survey questions can help you do that.

How did we come up with the template?

To come up with the best set of event survey questions for cybersecurity conferences, we carefully reviewed, sorted and analyzed survey questions from over 50 cybersecurity events. Then we interviewed some of the most experienced event organizers to find out which kind of questions produce the best results.

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