When it comes to software for academic conferences and abstract management, there are lots of choices out there, each with its own features and options. It can be hard to figure out which one is best for you.

That’s why we’ve put together a comparison of alternatives to All Academic Inc for managing abstracts. We’ve looked at the main options, checked out what they offer, and listened to what users have to say. 

8 Best All Academic Inc Competitors for Abstract Management

1. Whova Call for Speakers

Whova is a top-notch alternative to All Academic Inc for abstract management that simplifies everything from collecting submissions to making decisions. 

With Whova, you can set up a professional-looking submission website and customize the submission form to match your event’s specific requirements. Plus, rest assured that your submissions are secure with login and 2FA protection.

Once submissions are in, Whova streamlines the review process. You can easily assign reviewers, customize evaluation criteria, and track review progress. The abstract management system lets you sort submissions by ratings, accept or reject them individually or in bulk, and send out personalized notifications to submitters with just a few clicks.

What’s more, Whova integrates with event apps and webpages. Your abstract submissions turn into sessions, and accepted speakers are automatically added to the event app and speaker webpage.

With accolades like the Event Technology Awards recognizing Whova’s innovation and excellence, you can trust that you’re choosing a proven solution for your abstract management needs. 

2. Cvent Abstract Management

Cvent Abstract Management is another great alternative to All Academic Inc for collecting, reviewing, deciding, and publishing abstracts for your event. 

With Cvent, you can create tailored submission forms to gather content submissions and speaker information. Plus, you can automate emails for targeted invitations, confirmations, reminders, and alerts. 

Once submissions are in, easily identify reviewers and assign submissions based on topic. Grant reviewers access to provide ratings and notes, and track scores, votes, and comments in real time.

While Cvent offers features for all events, reviews suggest they may be better suited for large-scale, on-site events with complex needs. Some users report challenges with navigation and long-term contracts.

3. Oxford Abstracts

Oxford Abstracts will simplify even the most complex abstract management processes to ensure your next call for abstracts is your easiest yet. 

Oxford Abstracts lets you collect unlimited submissions, whether it’s just a handful or thousands, at no extra cost. Create submission forms with fully-editable templates, open the call for papers with a single click, and manage submissions with intuitive tools and a multi-view table. 

And when it’s time to sell tickets and publish reports, Oxford Abstracts has you covered there too. Build flexible ticket forms, set up payment options easily, and create custom reports and abstract books with just a few clicks. 

4. Dryfta

Dryfta abstract management software is another strong alternative to All Academic Inc for conferences, symposiums, and workshops in academic settings

Dryfta handles everything from collecting abstracts and talks to assigning reviewers for efficient evaluation. Automated emails and notifications keep everyone informed on submissions, deadlines, and review progress.

Customization is key with Dryfta. You have the flexibility to choose your review process, customize submission forms, and set specific requirements like deadlines and co-author limits.

Drufta is great when you need more control over your review process. It lets you choose single-blind or double-blind to ensure a fair and rigorous selection. 

5. Open Water

Just like Whova and Dryfta, OpenWater simplifies abstract collections with customizable forms to gather all the information you need. Plus, it offers a handy feature – duplicate existing abstract collections to save setup time for recurring events.

OpenWater simplifies the peer review process, including all the back-and-forth communication. Generate reports based on sessions, export abstract submissions for further analysis, and manage your event sessions in a helpful, centralized dashboard.

6. Easy Chair

EasyChair offers a comprehensive abstract management solution, similar to the other platforms we’ve explored so far. Its “Call for Submissions” tool lets you collect abstracts, papers, and posters in various formats through customizable forms.

EasyChair streamlines the review process by managing program committees, reviewer assignments, and potential conflicts of interest. Reviewers can discuss submissions online, and authors can respond to feedback through the platform. EasyChair also facilitates communication with authors regarding acceptance decisions.

While EasyChair offers strong functionality, keep in mind the potential for higher costs. The per-person, per-day pricing model can add up quickly, and recent per-submission fees may impact your budget. 

7. Fourwaves

Fourwaves is a Canadian alternative to All Academic Inc for abstract management. It is a user-friendly conference management software specifically made for academic events, with strong positive reviews for its ease of use.

Fourwaves caters to both in-person and virtual conferences and has features like event website creation, registration and payment processing, abstract management (collection and review), live conference hosting, and virtual poster sessions

However, Fourwaves’s free and Essentials packages have limitations on abstract submissions, which may not suit all conferences.

8. Ex Ordo

This competitor of All Academic Inc. for abstract management is an easy-to-use and intuitive conference management platform designed specifically for scholarly events like scientific, medical, and technical conferences. Ex Ordo’s recent rebrand emphasizes their commitment to this niche.

Ex Ordo goes beyond abstract management. It provides a registration system, a virtual conference platform, and features like program building, attendee messaging, and secure online payments. Their focus on data security (PCI compliance and encryption) ensures peace of mind.

Summary of All Academic Inc Alternatives for Abstract Management

Each alternative to All Academic Inc offers its own unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize user-friendliness, customization options, or integration capabilities, there’s a solution out there for you. 

Whova, the top All Academic Inc competitor, is a powerful and user-friendly solution that streamlines your entire event process, from collecting submissions to making decisions. Click here to request a free demo today and see the Whova difference.

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