– An Attendee Survey from Recent Virtual Events

It took a lot of work, but you’re almost there. You’ve been thinking of everything while transitioning your in-person conference into a virtual event. You’ve planned all of the virtual sessions, recorded some talks in advance, and your speakers have all rehearsed livestreaming their presentations, so you don’t have to worry about them not understanding the technology. 

But one thought stays in the back of your mind: Will attendees be satisfied with an online conference rather than an in-person one?

Luckily, you’re not the first event organizer to walk in these shoes. Whova has helped more that 100 virtual events over the past month. We surveyed 10 different events and received responses from 290 attendees. We are happy to share our data on what worked well with these events and what attendees would like to see future events improve on. 

<The session format of the virtual event attended: from a survey of 290 attendees>

Can you guess what the attendees’ most frequent complaint was? Many organizers would assume poor video quality or a faulty network connection. After all, the online format is bound to present technical challenges that just wouldn’t come up at an in-person event.

But surprisingly, the fewest number of attendees felt that their experience was at all negatively impacted by the poor video quality. If you’re interested in what the other top concerns from the attendees are, Whova has compiled a full survey report with a comprehensive explanation and their indications to the organizers. Due to our space limitations, we have made it a separate file for you to download. Just request below and we will send you the full report in PDF.

<Survey results show the network condition is attendees’ least concerned problem in a virtual conference>

An online event doesn’t mean that the quality has to suffer. In fact, there were many other areas of the online format that attendees enjoyed. By taking note of what the attendees preferred about virtual events in addition to what they wanted to change, you can make sure to offer them the best experience possible.

<The factor liked by most virtual event attendee is “Don’t need to travel”>

66% of attendees actually preferred that online events meant they didn’t have to travel and allowed them to attend at home. With the right information, you can match past conferences’ successes and handle each of your attendees’ concerns before the event even begins.

If you’re interested in reviewing the full results of our survey and receiving advice on how to use this data to make your conference go as smoothly as possible, please contact your Whova event consultant or account manager.

If you currently don’t have one yet and are interested in using Whova for your event, please place a price quote and our event consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

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