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Event check-in can go awry if there isn’t a good system in place. It’s a part of the event that should not be memorable for attendees, and if it is, it usually means there were complications or long lines. Event organizers need to plan ahead to avoid any potential check-in and registration mishaps. That is why more and more event organizers are exploring and purchasing different event check-in software (and hardware rentals) to make their life much easier. 

To help you find the best check-in system, we have selected and reviewed  the 8 best Boomset alternatives and competitors that offer great registration and check-in software for organizers. Compare below to see which is the most compatible for your event.

Best Boomset Alternatives: Features, Pricing, and Reviews

1. Whova

The best Boomset alternative is Whova. Whova has great registration and check-in features that make organizing event check-ins so much easier. Whova is used for all types of professional events, and its registration and check-in functions can be used for virtual, hybrid, and in-person event settings. Additionally, Whova recently won Best Product Team at the Event Technology Awards 2022 for continually improving the registration and check-in processes.

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Some more great features that Whova provides are:

  • Separate exhibitor registration management
  • Multiple registration pages
  • Numerous accepted payment currencies
  • Attendee category and access control
  • Free registration widgets for websites
  • Streamlined check-in & self check-in options

Whova charges quite a low fee for any paid registration and ticketing. Using Stripe, a payment processing platform, Whova only charges a 2% fee + $.99 meaning 500 registrants at $100 would cost $1,495 compared to the estimated industry average of $2500 with the same conditions. It’s no wonder that Whova’s registration software and event software have been used by Stanford University, TEDx, and NASA.

Pricing: Available upon request, but affordable for most organizations
Reviews: Capterra – 4.8/5 (974 reviews)

2. Fello

Another alternative to Boomset is Fello, a hardware check-in solution. Based in New Jersey, Fello ships all of its rentals nationwide. They offer rental solutions that include iPad, iPhone, Square Point of Sale Kits, Scanners, Printers, Onsite Support, Event Wifi, and more. This means whatever registration and check-in software you want to use, Fello can provide the hardware.

With custom delivery and return options, some of the top organizations in the world have used Fello. Some of their clients are Nike, Adobe, Expedia, National Geographic, and The Salvation Army. Fello also has some partnerships as mentioned before with both Square and Eventbrite who are leaders in their industry.

PricingBy product and service
Reviews: Facebook – 4.6/5 (15 reviews)

3. Brushfire

Brushfire is another Boomset alternative, which is an event software that specializes as a ticketing and registration platform. Features of the Brushfire platform include assigned social distanced seat ticketing, conditional registration forms, capacity management, and ticket and scanner rentals. Along with these great features, Brushfire offers attendee management, custom reporting, branded event pages and emails, and more.

Brushfire works for events ranging from a few to 20,000+ and for all different events no matter if they are in-person or virtual. Some events and places that have used Brushfire are the New York Museum of Illusions, Piney Park Trail of Light, Adventist Health, and Children’s Fairyland.

Pricing: 2 non-mutually exclusive options – Pay as you go & Premium services
Reviews: Capterra – 4.7/5 (130 reviews)

4. Converve

An additional alternative to Boomset is Converve. Converve is a highly customizable, all-in-one event software that includes registration functions. They have a user-friendly interface that allows organizers to choose which payment methods they want to include. Converve also has customizable registration forms to collect all necessary attendee information.

Converve is especially great for attendee networking and matchmaking with algorithms that help connect attendees with other attendees based on their own input. Of the over 1,000 events that have used Converve,  150,000+ matches and meetings have been made on the platform. Converve has been used by Cisco, United Nations, SAP, and more.

Pricing: Depends on the number of attendees
Reviews: Capterra – 4.8/5 (33 reviews)

5. GoSignMeUp

GoSignMeUp is a Boomset alternative that is strictly a registration software. They boast features like unlimited unique sign-up pages, extensive reporting, custom automated emails and texting, completion certificates, branding, and more. With all their features, GoSignMeUp saves organizers time and money, and increases enrollments and market reach.

The platform integrates well with both Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToWebinar as well as Learning Management Systems like Canvas. GoSignMeUp has been used by Time Magazine, Villanova University, CHI Health, and other organizations in the education, healthcare, business, and government industries.

Pricing: $299/month + $59/month for additional admins
Reviews: Capterra – 4.2/5 (32 reviews)

6. Corsizio

Corsizio is another online registration platform that is an alternative to Boomset. Like Whova, Corsizio can process card payments online and is integrated with Stripe for instant payout. Their platform also includes features such as custom registration forms, multiple pricing options, event, attendee, and instructor management, and automated email notifications. 

Security is also of the utmost importance to Corsizio. Their platform is secured with 256K SSL encryption and is PCI and GDPR compliant with personal data. This is why it has been a trusted platform for events and classes in over 20 countries.

Pricing: 3 different levels starting at $0
Reviews: Capterra – 4.8/5 (147 reviews)

7. Eventival

Eventival is a unique alternative to Boomset, which is recognized as the best film festival event platform. Eventival can handle all parts of film festivals, from calls for submissions to reviewing, selecting, and scheduling. All hospitality and accreditation are also handled on the platform as well. Even more importantly, the platform can manage registration for all attendee types with custom pages and forms.

Eventival has been used at film festivals in over 45 countries and brings in over 1000 new users every day. Some film festivals and organizations that have used this platform are HBO, Valladolid International Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival, and the Denver Film Society.

Pricing: Custom to 10,000 euros/year
Reviews: Capterra – 4.7/5 (38 reviews)

8. Ungerboeck Software

Ungerboeck software is the final Boomset alternative on the list. Ungerboeck is event software used by all types of organizations, ranging from jazz venues to universities. Providing multiple event solutions, Ungerboeck offers features to manage space booking, exhibitors, catering, registration, attendees, operations, and more. Their registration allows organizers to easily transition to a virtual event, provide contact tracing at venues, automatically add attendees to CRM databases, create custom forms and questionnaires, and more.

Ungerboeck has been used by over 50,000 event professionals. Some of these include those from Eurovision, University of Denver, Melbourne Racing Club, Minnesota State Fair, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Many of these organizations describe Ungerboeck versatility to be its greatest attribute.

Pricing: Contact for more information
Reviews: Capterra – 4.3/5 (37 reviews)

Boomset Alternatives and Competitors – Summary

Registration is arguably the most important part of any event because, without registrations, there would be no attendees and; therefore, no event. Utilizing a trustworthy system for registration and check-in is key for running a smooth and successful event. We hope this list has helped you find an alternative to Boomset that can satisfy your registration and/or event needs. Remember to take into consideration what you need from your registration software and compare the fees that come with each ticket.

Our pick, listed above as number one, would have to be Whova because of its lower-than-average priced registration, free badge generation, free registration pages and widgets, and specialized exhibitor registration. Whova also keeps track of event schedules, speakers, announcements, floor map, and much more in just one spot. Request a demo today to see if Whova can work with your event!

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