Name badges simplify attendee identification and attendance tracking, expedite the check-in process, assist with exhibitor lead scanning or retrieval, foster meaningful networking among attendees, and streamline the overall event logistics. Yet, the creation of name badges is often time-consuming for event organizers, especially when you have hundreds of attendees.

Luckily, there are easy ways to make your name badges online. Here are 8 best online providers to help you get started planning your next event.

Top 8 Online Tools to Make Name Badges

Here are 8 of the best online name badge generating tools to help you create customized badges for your attendees:

#1 ​​Boomset​ (retiring)

Allows badge and wristband printing for anyone planning an event. Can choose from different templates, and also other services, such as event registration, kiosk check-in, and QR scanning. 

Boomset supports:

  • Onsite Label Printing
  • Integration with Attendee Check-in App
  • Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Pricing: N/A

#2 Whova

Whova is an all-in-one event management software that provides comprehensive resources for any corporate or personal events. Get customizable badge templates to help you get started. Go paperless with scannable QR codes that save both paper and time. Additionally, if you have already uploaded your attendee list to Whova, you can generate the badges using the names. These PDFs are compatible with a wide range of office printer brands, as well as popular label printer brands, such as Brother, Zebra, and DYMO.

Whova supports:

  • Pre-event Batch Printing
  • Onsite Label Printing
  • Integration with Attendee Check-in App
  • Exhibitor Lead Retrieval (QR code scan)
  • 13 Read-to-use Design Templates

Pricing: Included in Whova’s all-in-one Event Management standard package.

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#3 Canva

Mostly known as a graphic design online tool, Canva allows users to create name badge designs. However, it’s hard to input your attendees’ information and generate the badge in a batch, leading to the tedious process of manually populating if you have lots of attendees. 

Many organizers have utilized Canva to make the background designs for their badges. Once complete, they’ve applied it to Whova’s name badge template for easy generation and printing. 

#4 pc/nametag

pc/nametag allows you to make customized products for your events, business, or organization all in one place. Not only can you make event/name badges, you can also design your own lanyards, ribbons, badge inserts, banners, wristbands, and so much more! You can also buy printing products and supplies on their website as well. 

However, pc/nametag does not offer a solution for you to print name badges onsite. It also does not integrate with a mobile check-in app or the lead retrieval function.

pc/nametag supports:

  • Pre-event Batch Printing

Pricing: $2000 to $3000 for 1000 attendes.

#5 4imprint​

4imprint offers different sizes and templates for event organizers to make name and ID badges. They also offers 24 hour services. However, similar to pc/nametag, they do not have a solution for events to print name badges onsite. It also does not come with a check-in or lead retrieval app.

4imprint supports:

  • Pre-event Batch Printing

Pricing: $2000 to $5000 for 1000 attendees.

#6 badgepoint

Badgepoint is a software that allows you to label name badges. Download for free and you can easily make your badges from home. Upload your logo, choose a design template, and you’re ready to go! If you need help, BadgePoint has free customer support that you can reach out to via email or phone. If you’re pressed for time, they also offer in-house designers to make badges for you, as well as printing and packaging services for convenience. 

Badgepoint supports:

  • Pre-event Batch Printing
  • Design Templates

Pricing: $2000 to $5000 for 1000 attendees.

#7 Conference Badge

Conference Badge allows you to make event badges with ease and within minutes. You can easily import attendees data by connecting with Eventbrite, Universe, and Excel. Other features include offering double-sided badges, and different badge types. On-site printing is available to cater to those last-minute attendees, or for those who need to fix typos. 

However, Conference Badge does not include a lead retrieval solution for exhibitors or sponsors.

Conference Badge supports:

  • Pre-event Batch Printing
  • Onsite Label Printing
  • Design Templates

Pricing: $1000 to $3000 for 1000 attendees.

#8 PlasticPrinters

Make custom ID, event/conference, and VIP plastic badges and passes with Plastic Printers. Not only that, but make any custom made gift cards, loyalty/rewards cards, key tags, and so much more! Choose from different designs and templates that PlasticPrinter designers have already made and go from there. If you’re hesitant about one design, you can order samples to see what works best for you before you commit. They also offer different resources for those who need an extra little help. Whether you need help choosing a design, or are looking to make your cards a unique shape, they are available for support. 

PlasticPrinters supports:

  • Pre-event Batch Printing
  • Onsite Label Printing

Pricing: Available upon request

Start Making Badges Today With Whova!

Make your badges easily and with convenience with Whova today! Create custom badges for your event with our easy to use name gadge generation software. Choose from different designs, templates, and formats so your badges can stand out and uniquely show off your company/brand. Start by registering online or on our app and go into the Whova Event Management System (EMS). From there, you can start creating badges just within 5 minutes. It’s as simple as that!

Need More Than Name Badges?

Whova is your all-in-one event management software tool to help your create and organize tools to put on a successful event. Whether it’s in-person, virtual, or both, you can easily manage all your tasks in one place. We offer different event platforms, online registering software, and event marketing resources so you can feel secure that your putting on the best event for your attendees. Check us out today, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us today! Get started today!

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