Paperless Attendee Check-in

Fast, Easy, & Hassle-free

Ditch your paper spreadsheet and check in attendees with one easy click. You no longer have to watch a long line of attendees at the registration desk grow bigger by the second.

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3 Ways to Check-in Attendees

iPad Attendee Check-in

Use the Web Dashboard

Just one tab on laptop or tablet

QR Code Attendee Check-in

Search on the App

Enter a full or partial name

Scan QR codes

Scan a code on the App

Registration information is synced across multiple devices so you and your staff can safely check in attendees all at once!

Real-time Stats

Attendee Check-in stats

See real-time stats on attendee check-in and keep tabs on how many more you can expect. Conveniently export a list into a spreadsheet file for when you need it.

It's Included in the Whova Package

at no additional charge!

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