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The Whova registration solution is free for free events! For paid events, you can choose to pass on a small fee to registrants and pay nothing.

Event Registration Fee Pricing

Easily Create Tickets in Minutes

Create tickets, build registration forms, and sell through ticketing webpages

Create your tickets

Customize for your event

Watch sales come in!

Seamless Integration with an All-in-One Event Platform

No third-party registration services

Handle ticketing from the same platform you use for everything else

Instantly sync attendee information

Registration automatically integrates with event management tools ⁠

Track tickets to specific content

Give tickets access to different days, session tracks, networking opportunities, and videos

Automatically set attendee categories

Categories can be created based on ticket types or answers to specific questions

Distinguish between in-person and remote attendees

Instantly set audience type and connect with hybrid event settings

Manage ticket types from a central location

Set categories and control access to content from one central page

Control ticket tiering through one central webpage, where you can assign sessions to a ticket type and control access to video, speed networking, and round table sessions
Testimonial by Jessica Parkhurst
“It was amazing to have one singular source for our attendees, both sponsors and attendees to register. In the past, we would get inundated with emails […] it was so much more than just registering for an event. It really helped us with our event planning, logistics, final headcounts, and things like that. So, huge time saver, great benefit and again, that one stop singular shop, not only running the event itself but in the preplanning.”
Jessica Parkhurst, Senior VP of Marketing and Branding, Acentria Insurance
Organizer @ Acentria Annual Conference: 2022 BAM!

Personalize Registration for Different Ticket Types

Customize questions and apply discounts and add-ons during registration

Customize your registration form

Add, edit, and remove questions

Utilize add-ons and discount codes

Create codes for early-bird pricing, group discounts, and more

Separate registration forms for different ticket types

Collect the information you need from the attendees you need it from

Send different ticket types unique confirmation emails

Give different ticket types the details relevant to them

Testimonial by Loryn Wellman
“It was great, because we can just take it, send this link to this group, send this link to this group, instead of just having one page and having them select, because then it just starts getting confusing. And so those multiple registration pages really worked well for us.”
Loryn Wellman, CEO, ThreeElevenOTwo Events
Organizer @ Generational Wealth Conference

Attract Attendees and View Sales as They Come In

Create a customized ticketing webpage in a few clicks

Quickly generate a branded, customizable webpage with Whova

Generate sales with embeddable registration widgets

Link or embed ticketing widgets to your own website and webpages

Fully branded from start to finish

Uniquely brand the webpage and widgets for your event

Generate buzz with email campaigns

Create and manage registration campaigns straight from Whova

Get sales insights in real-time

Track ticket sales and registrants as they sign up

Create branded registration webpages and widgets
Testimonial by Dana Asby
“It was really nice to be able to have folks just seamlessly answer all of the questions as they’re registering and paying for the conference and be able to go on to the portal and use the ticket and attendee features to download Excel sheets to really compare all of the data that we needed to make sure that we were keeping on top of what we needed on our end, to make sure the conference ran smoothly.”
Dana Asby, Project Specialist, National Federation of Families
Organizer @ Families Can’t-Wait

Secure Payout for Services You Can Trust

We accept credit and debit cards with PCI-compliant secure payment processor, Stripe. Learn more about Whova’s security here

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