Your event is coming up, but you’re still not sure if you want it to be hybrid. On one hand, you want to broaden your audience by effectively reaching attendees who can attend in person as well as those who have to stay home. However, you also have concerns about managing two sets of attendees for one event

Luckily, with Whova’s new hybrid enhancements, you know you’ll be able to specialize content for your two audiences easily. As a hybrid event organizer, you can create and manage two entirely separate attendee experiences by controlling sessions, networking, announcements, and more through a virtual event platform and mobile app designed to effortlessly work together as a single event. Whova already provides plenty of features to guarantee successful hybrid events. With this release, your event management job has become much easier!

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Address both remote and in-person attendees from a single platform

To start differentiating between in-person and remote attendees, organizers simply have to specify that their event will be hybrid in basic settings.

Set your event type as hybrid from your Whova settings.

From there, their attendee type will be designated in the attendee list, allowing organizers to also search for and filter attendees by whether they’ll be participating remotely or in person. Organizers can also view a pie chart of their attendee type breakdown to gain a sense of audience demographics for deeper insights as they manage both groups.

Differentiate between remote and in-person attendees while managing them both in a central location.

Planning exclusive sessions for different attendee types? Whova keeps things clear with a customized agenda

Whether it’s acting as a mobile brochure for in-person attendees or a way for remote attendees to move between sessions, having a clear, easy-to-navigate agenda is an essential part of a hybrid event. These hybrid enhancements allow organizers to customize exactly what shows up on the agenda for different attendee groups, such as showing in-person attendees physical networking opportunities and remote attendees virtual meet-ups. 

While many sessions will likely work for both audiences, this allows you to target sessions and networking opportunities for a specific attendee type without either group feeling left out or getting confused about what content is or isn’t for them.

Manage exclusive sessions for remote or in-person attendees by controlling which attendee types can view certain sessions.

Keep attendees updated through announcements specific to them

They say running a hybrid event can be like running two events at once, and you don’t want to give attendees too much information about the event they’re not going to! 

Streamline your communication with the two groups by specifying whether announcements will be sent to in-person attendees, virtual attendees, or both before you send them an email and in-app notification. This way you can keep in-person attendees up to date on room changes, let virtual attendees know about updates to streaming links, or anything else that might only be relevant to one set of attendees without confusing the rest.

Surveys, name badges, and more specialize everything to the attendees you want to reach 

Outside of managing sessions and communication, there are plenty of other event logistics that might apply to one attendee group and not others. For instance, while name badges are important for in-person attendees, there’s no point in printing them off for attendees who will never set foot in the venue. Whova will automatically separate in-person and remote attendees when preparing name badges so you don’t waste time manually identifying who does and doesn’t need them. 

Save time by having Whova automaticaprint name badges for your in-person attendees.lly only

Likewise, customize surveys for the end of the event with different sets of questions for both attendee groups. With two sets of attendee experiences, Whova gives you total control in how you target content and manage both sides of your event.

Easily plan the best event for both audiences

While your attendees may be spread out, reaching both sides in an effective, targeted way only needs to take a few moments. Whova can help you create valuable experiences for all attendees, bringing them together and giving them the benefits of both a virtual and in-person event. 

Interested in what else Whova can do to help your upcoming event, whether it’s hybrid, in-person, or virtual?  Just sign up today for a free demo to learn more. 

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