Feeling confused planning your virtual event? Wondering how to price tickets, or how to secure a reliable internet connection? 

Luckily, many other virtual event organizers have been in your shoes, and they’ve got answers to your most pressing questions on all stages of the event planning process. Some of these organizers have been speaking with our Event Organizer Community, a network of fellow event organizers exclusive to Whova customers, for our bi-weekly Fireside Chats. Hundreds of event organizers joined our first chat, and many more questions were discussed continuously even after the chat ended!

Enter the conversation and connect with a larger network of fellow organizers by joining our community and attending Fireside Chats, and learn even more tips to make your event succeed!

Get exclusive advice from organizers of successful events

Fireside Chats utilize our built-in network of event organizers and planners who worked on past successful virtual events! Instead of becoming lost trying to make choices from conflicting information, bring your questions directly from the people who would know the answers best those who have already been through this experience.  


At our most recent Fireside Chat, Kendra Aarhus from You Conferences shared her experiences hosting a virtual conference in June and answered users’ questions on ticketing, attendance, tech, and exactly how she pulled off her event. Over the course of the interview and the following discussions, community members learned about:

  • How to price tickets for virtual events? 
  • What did you do to maintain a strong internet connection? 
  • How can you ensure the virtual sessions themselves are streamed in high quality?
  • Did you see an increase in sponsors for your event from in-person?
  • How did you make sure the remote speakers get everything right?
  • How does gamification work? 
  • And many more exclusive insights!


Watch recordings of the talks well after they occur

Will time zones or other conflicts cause you to miss a talk? No problem, you can benefit from the advice even if you missed the live session. Fireside Chats incorporate both a pre-recorded interview and a live Q&A, but the whole talk is recorded and uploaded each week to Whova’s Event Organizer Community to watch at your convenience! As long as you’re a part of the community, this exclusive content will be available to you.

Bi-weekly Fireside Chats running across the course of months

Our first fireside has been a great success! There were 200+ sign-ups, over 50 questions discussed during and even after the live chat – we unfortunately had to cut the discussion in the middle as it way passed the scheduled time.

However, if you missed our previous live Fireside Chats, you can still catch our following sessions! Fireside Chats are held every two weeks, each time with a different event organizer! Come in for different types of advice throughout your event planning process, and hear about what went into planning all types of events.

If you are our customer, simply ask your account manager to join!

A supportive, exclusive community of event organizers 

Besides the Fireside Chats, Whova’s Event Organizer Community provides opportunities to talk with fellow Whova customers about anything that may come up as you navigate the tricky world of online events. Whether you’re listening to a speaker at a Fireside Chat or asking a question on the Community Board, you’ll be getting advice from someone who worked with the same platform you are, keeping the conversation relevant to you and what’s available for your event. 

Make your virtual event a success with a community behind you 

Whova’s Organizer Community is there to support you through all the uncertainty that can come with event planning. In addition to the resources you can get just from talking with fellow event planners, Fireside Chats provides experienced advice you just can’t get anywhere else.

Interested in joining the community or the fireside chat? If you are a Whova customer, please contact your account manager. Otherwise, if you are interested in using Whova, just get in touch with a sales representative for more information and a quote. 

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