This past year has meant a lot of changes for everyone, especially in the events world!  As organizers worked hard to master the ins and outs of putting on successful virtual events, Whova has been releasing dozens of new features to make these changes easier, supporting organizers in all areas of event planning, from session engagement to logistics to networking to satisfying sponsors and exhibitors.   

As the remote attendees are accessing events on desktop, we want to make sure they have every opportunity to engage with the same features as mobile users. That’s why we’ve been updating our web platform to make sure our gamification options are fully available no matter how you access them. Attendees can stay on the device that works best for them, or even switch between platforms, ensuring you and your attendees have the most flexibility possible and helping connect both in-person and remote audiences at hybrid events!  

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More engaging than ever with all gamifications accessible on any platform 

While most gamification features were already fully available on both devices, a few were previously limited to Whova’s mobile app. To keep things as accessible and flexible as possible, we’re bridging the gap for these features, including the:

  • Leaderboard contest: Attendees no longer have to be on mobile to get points for their engagement; whether they prefer desktop, or plan to switch back and forth at their convenience, their participation will be noted!
  • Photo gallery: Attendees can upload, like, and leave comments on their favorite images from either platform. Organizers can further gamify the experience by choosing the most popular images as a winner!
  • Passport contest: Remote attendees checking out exhibitors from the web portal can collect stamps and compete for a prize! Not only that, but exhibitors can also now export leads from the web portal as well as mobile.

Whether they plan to switch between the two devices to access multiple features at once or want to fully attend events with only one device on hand, attendees don’t ever have to worry about missing out.

Break down barriers between in-person attendees on mobile and remote attendees on desktop 

In addition to increased flexibility, these updates are coming just in time to support you through hybrid events. While in-person attendees access the event from their phones and tablets, remote attendees can participate in all the same features from their computers! 

Virtual and in-person audiences at a hybrid event are sure to have very different experiences, but you don’t want either group to feel isolated or excluded. Helping them engage with each other through the same features can go a long way towards bringing the two audiences together and making them really feel like a part of the same event.

Constant growth to create the highest quality events

As the needs of events grow and change, we’re always working toward creating an even better event experience in all areas. That includes making sure Whova continues to be a comprehensive, all-in-one event platform that can support your event whether it’s in-person, virtual, or hybrid, no matter what platform attendees are joining from.

Want to learn more about Whova’s gamification options and how you can use them at your next event? Schedule a free demo today. 

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