December 28, 2023

In Whova’s recent Event Insider poll, over 60% of event organizers reported gamifying events to increase activity and excitement. Within this group, the focus varied, with a substantial portion aiming at boosting fun and others directing efforts toward enhancing sponsor and exhibitor engagement, as well as attendee networking. The numbers speak for themselves – organizers trust gamification to deliver playful engagement and professional results to exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees.

The Whova platform features various gamification options for events, including photo and caption contests to the main event leaderboard. These games encourage participation and open up other opportunities, like research collaborations or rideshares. Moreover, exhibitor-focused games (like the passport contest) push attendees to visit more booths, generating leads and strengthening exhibitor ROI.

Now, Whova has added another brand new gamification:  icebreaker gamification. With this update, organizers can customize icebreaker questions while attendees compete for their best answers. Just offer a small prize incentive to wake up your attendees’ competitive and creative spirit. With Whova’s icebreaker gamification, you can host a fresh, easy-to-play game and warm up attendees for new connections.

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Custom Icebreakers Based on Your Event and Audience

You want to get attendees talking, so we’re giving you the chance to post personalized, event specific questions. Whova’s icebreaker enhancement lets organizers target their unique audiences through customizable icebreakers. For example, if your event hosts computer scientists, you could write something silly, like “If your pet could talk, what do you think they would say about you?” or serious, like “What’s your prediction for the next compsci developments?” You’re the biggest expert on your event, and, with this enhancement, you can direct thousands of productive conversations, wherever you may be.

We’re also providing Whova’s default questions for your selection, just with the option to add, delete or replace what you want. Depending on your priorities, you can go full-creative or skip the work and gamify a classic.


Easily select default questions to include in your event.


Your event has a niche audience, so break the ice with niche conversations. By customizing your competition, you can make your event stand out from the crowd and let attendees bond over a common background.

An Easy Game that Gets Everyone Playing

Located right alongside the photo and caption contests, the icebreaker competition is hard to miss. If attendees know how to find one contest, they can find the others, organized neatly together. 

Additionally, you won’t lose participants to time consuming, complicated rulesheets. We’ve made our game intuitive – attendees score points by posting answers, liking answers and earning the most likes. They can play during short walks between sessions, increasing their interactions without even thinking about it.

On your end, you can manage the game with just as much ease. You choose the prize just by typing it in the setup, and you can also choose the winner. To help, Whova will recommend you the most-liked icebreaker, but you ultimately decide who wins and what they get.


Quickly view winners and export responses at the end of the event.

Host an Engaged, Memorable Event in Just a Few Clicks

Attendees measure events by what they took away from them, largely, in networking opportunities. By gamifying your icebreaker, you can turn attendees’ high stakes introductions into a game and start new professional relationships. 

At the same time, your event legacy will go beyond one-on-one connections. When someone makes it onto your leaderboard, Whova will encourage them to post on social media. We’ll offer them pre-made templates for quick online promotion, securing you the publicity you deserve.

Announce winners all at once through Whova and even share on Social Media.

Make Socializing Fun!

Spark friendly attendee competition with relevant questions and an exciting prize. Then, take a break and watch Whova do the introductions for you. If you want to satisfy attendees and bring them back next year, give them a chance to play with Whova’s icebreaker competition.


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