Exhibitors are key to the success of your expos and trade shows, but how can you encourage them to sign up? The answer is to show them how you’ll help exhibitors attract more attendees to their booth, generate more business, and get a high ROI — and you may not want to spend tons of money to do so!

Whova has released a new Exhibitor Hub that will increase your exhibitors’ productivity and provide personalized app experience. With the advanced features, your exhibitors can

  • Increase booth traffic with the fun Passport Contest
  • Promote their booths with ready-made social media images
  • Boost their visibility with in-app giveaways and a custom profile
  • Manage leads more easily by adding their booth staff to the app

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Double the Traffic to Exhibitor Booths With a Fun Contest

What’s the most effective way to get attendees to visit your exhibitor’s booths? You make it a uniquely fun experience!

Whova’s Passport Contest helps you drive traffic to exhibitor booths easily and effectively. It’s simple: Attendees receive a digital stamp from each participating booth they visit and the attendees who collect every stamp are entered into a prize draw. All your exhibitors have to do is scan attendee QR codes with Whova’s lead retrieval app.

< Passport Contest increasing booth traffic. Attendees collect a stamp from each booth to win a prize and exhibitors receive the visitors’ information in the lead list >


You engage and excite attendees during the contest, while helping your exhibitors generate more business. And that’s not all. Once the winning attendees have been announced, they get a ready-to-post graphic to share on social media. This helps you promote your trade show as the place to be for attendees and exhibitors alike!

Empower Exhibitors to Generate More Leads

The Whova’s Exhibitor Hub allows exhibitors to set up promotional offers in the form of custom mobile coupons, raffles, and giveaways. Attendees will claim them directly through the app, which is fun and convenient. Exhibitors will be able to explore the information of all the attendees who have requested the promotional offers and directly follow up with them through the app.

Enable your exhibitors to engage attendees even before your event has even started. With a customizable in-app profile, your exhibitors can easily create and edit their description and product information, share photos and interact with attendees, just like Yelp. Attendees can easily plan what they’ll do at your event and get connected with exhibitors through the app.

< Exhibitor profile and customizable raffle / giveaway / coupon. The Community Board boosts the promotion >

Make Social Media Marketing Easier for Exhibitors

Social media is a great way for exhibitors to tell all their followers that they’ll be at your event — which can help exhibitors generate a buzz about their business on social media, while also promoting your event.

With the Exhibitor Hub, you can make it easy for exhibitors to promote their booths on social media. The app provides 4 ready-to-post social media images that have been stylishly branded with the exhibitor’s information.

Once your exhibitors have chosen their favorite image, they can directly post it on their social media accounts through the Whova app thanks to the powerful social media integration.

Let Entire Exhibiting Teams Manage Their Leads on the App

With all the leads your exhibitors will capture at your event, it can be difficult for just one booth member to manage them all.

Exhibitors can easily add booth staff members on the Whova app to allow their entire team to capture leads. They can choose from two types of lead access permissions: to let their staff members manage only leads they’ve collected, or view and manage all the leads captured by their team members.

It’s very convenient as the lead retrieval with Whova requires no additional hardware. Once booth staff have been added on the app, they just need to use their smartphones to capture leads. Organizers do not need to introduce bulky, expensive scanning device and export their leads for them.

Give Exhibitors Their Best Experience Yet!

With Whova’s new Exhibitor Hub, attracting and delighting exhibitors is easy.

By providing a personalized app experience to you exhibitors, you set them up to increase their visibility and booth traffic to generate more business.

Request more information to learn more about the Whova’s exhibitor / trade show solutions.

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