“So, how’s the event promotion going?” your boss asks. “It doesn’t seem like there are many posts about our event on social media.”

You start to sweat. Spreading the word and attracting attendees is your top priority, but how can you create a real buzz? You and a few dozen colleagues can only do so much.

Well, what if your speakers, attendees and exhibitors were motivated to post something about your event on social media? Some may be influencers or have quality connections with your target audience. Their posts would not only inform more people about your event, but they’d make it more exciting and engaging.

Whova seamlessly integrates your event app/website with social media in a way that inspires your event participants to take action. Ready-to-post messages and images will be at their fingertips at just the right moment for quick bursts of activity in social media. With hundreds and thousands of champions, your event will go viral organically!

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Empower Your Speakers to Promote Your Event

Your speaker lineup is key to getting people interested in your event, which is why you try to showcase it in as many places as possible. With Whova, you no longer need to promote the lineup all by yourself. Now you can motivate even your busiest speakers to share their own sessions on social media.

Your speakers can submit and update their bios and session information by themselves at any time on Whova’s Speaker Center, so you don’t have to chase them for details to put on your event app and website. When speakers submit their information, Whova automatically creates stunning images including their headshots and session information and asks them whether they’d like to promote their talks on social media.

As many speakers become influencers with scores of followers on social media, this feature doesn’t just simplify their lives — it also lets thousands of people know about your event.

< Speakers can easily promote their sessions with ready-to-post images and message templates created by Whova >

Leverage the Most Active Attendees on the Leaderboard

Gamification motivates people to participate in your event, which is why Whova has created a Leaderboard to show which attendees are most active in sessions, discussions and event activities on the app. When attendees make it onto the Leaderboard, Whova prompts them to share their position on social media by suggesting nice image options and text for their post. All they have to do is click the button.

These prompts at the right time, with the right content, motivate attendees to post about your event on social media. What’s more, every time an attendee shares something on social media through the Whova app, your event is automatically included in the message, either with a hashtag (#) or mention (@). So while your attendees are having fun, they’re also encouraging others to participate in the activity, promoting your event and helping you create a buzz!

Whova even offers photo contests to encourage your attendees to take photos at your event and upload them onto the app. These photos can be easily shared on social media through the app and appear on the activity stream on your webpages.

< The Whova event app prompts attendees to share their Leaderboard achievements in the Leaderboard on social media. It creates image options and a message template including an event logo and hashtag. > 

Let Attendees Initiate and Promote Their Own Social Gatherings

With Whova’s Community Board, attendees can create their own social initiatives. This has been used to organize gatherings such as morning workouts and dinner plans, as well as group discussions on everything from conference topics to local hotspots.

Attendees who create these social initiatives hope to draw in other attendees. They want to meet like-minded people to enjoy the event with, or they’re interested in hearing other people’s thoughts on the topics that matter to them. That’s why we’ve made it easier for attendees to share these initiatives with a wider audience.

Allowing attendees to share their initiatives on social media directly from within the app boosts the number of posts that mention your event. With more organic posts from attendees, your event becomes more visible on social media as a fun and engaging place to be!

< When attendees initiate social activities on Whova’s Community Board or share photos, the app suggests a ready-to-post message to motivate them to share the excitement on social media. >


Help Your Exhibitors Promote Their Booths on Social Media

When you’re organizing an expo or trade show, you want to enable your exhibitors to promote their brands well before your event.

With Whova’s Exhibitor Webpage feature, your exhibitors can set their information in your event website and use the featured social link to promote themselves on social media. This doesn’t just increase the number of visitors they receive — it also gets the word out about your event and helps you sell more tickets.

Make Your Event Webpages Shareable

Whova lets you create webpages for your event through the Event Website Builder. You can build webpages, not just for your event agenda, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors, but also for your registration. After you’ve created your webpages, you’ll see social media links on the webpages, which anyone can use to share your event details right away.

< You can easily create event webpages with Whova. Through social media links, visitors can conveniently share your event information. >

Include a Social Media Activity Stream on Your Webpages

< Whova’s Activity Stream is easy to customize and add to an event website. >

Whova adds an Activity Stream to your event webpages based on what’s happening in the app. Site visitors will be able to see everything from live tweets, organizer announcements and reminders to photos being shared through the app, sponsor highlights and more.

This gives your webpages a social media buzz weeks or even months before your event has begun, boosting registration.

Enable Your Attendees to Share Career Opportunities

Are you organizing a job fair? Or an academic conference where your attendees may be interested in exploring career opportunities?

Whova lets attendees share job posts and interests on social media through the app, capturing attention before your event has started until well after it has finished. That means even more people discover what you have to offer at your event and will be inspired to attend, increasing the productivity of your sessions.

Start Promoting Your Event!

Using Whova’s social media integration for event marketing is a win-win situation. Your speakers, attendees and exhibitors get to use social media in a way that works for them and you get to improve your event promotion at no additional cost or effort.

Request more information to find out how you can boost your event marketing with Whova.

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