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We’re proud to announce the release of our brand new Event Management System; the hub for managing your event’s information within the Whova app.

The system provides you with even more control and ease in developing and customizing your event’s information. Within less than an hour, you can have your event up and running within the app.

Whova is a powerful mobile event app that uses advanced technology to improve the attendee experience. If you haven’t seen it for yourself yet, browse through our features, or watch the demo video here.

Whova’s Event Management System enables:

  • Convenient data import from Eventbrite and other registration systems
  • Detailed agenda creation and management
  • Customized event logistics information
  • Exciting add-ons such as SurveyMonkey surveys, sponsorship listings, and file sharing

While the Whova app brings intelligent networking to your event, Whova’s Event Management System brings the mastery of your event app to your fingertips.

Curious to see for yourself? Request a demo and get started. It’s free to explore.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need to do will be to create an account within the Event Management System. If you’ve already started working with us on your event app, be sure to use the email address you gave us so your event’s information will preload in the system. If you haven’t been in contact with us before this point, no worries; you can still create an account within the system to explore and build your event within the app.

Creating your Event

Once logged into the dashboard, you’ll see the Event List where any past events you may have created will be. From here you can edit those past events or create an entirely new event.

Importing Information

If you create a new event, you’ll be prompted to tell us which registration system you’ve used, such as Eventbrite, Constant Contact, RegOnline, Cvent, Wufoo, or eTouch. This will help speed up the process of importing data. If you haven’t used any of these systems, a manual import will get the job done as well.

If you choose a registration system to upload from, you’ll be prompted to log into that registration system and begin the data import.

Once the data has been imported, you’ll be directed to your new event creation page. Thanks to the handy import, much of your event information will already be imported from the registration system for you such as the event name, logo, venue address, description, and, most exciting of all, your attendee list. In addition to this, your attendee list will auto-update within the app as new tickets are purchased within your registration system. You may be wondering, “Why would I want to import my attendee list?” Importing your attendee list will give you access to one of Whova’s most powerful features: the SmartProfile. Intelligent networking will be at your attendee’s fingertips, furthering the success of your event.

If you chose a manual import, you’ll be taken to the event creation page where you’ll input your basic event information such as name, logo, date, and venue address, as well as manually import your attendee list from an Excel file.

Setting Permissions

On the Basic Information page, you’ll notice the step titled, “Passcode” This passcode is what attendees will need to enter after they download the Whova app and before they can access your event within the app. Therefore, you’ll want to create a passcode you can share in your communications with attendees.

You can also edit administrative permissions with the Event Management System. This will come in handy if you have several people on your team who will need to input information into the system. To make it easier, you can set and define administrative access permissions to the Event Management System for your team members.

Building your Agenda

Once you’ve got your basic information imported, you can move onto the exciting part: building your agenda. Whova’s Event Management System provides you with the ability to add one-track or multi-track event sessions, enabling all attendees to build a personalized agenda, fit for their interests.

Adding Logistics

Logistical information accounts for a large portion of any event’s communications and we’ve kept that in mind while building our app and system. The logistics section in our Event Management System is open-ended and allows for you to customize as much diverse logistical information to be included in the app as you’d like, such as GPS guidance, additional learning resources, special events information, parking instructions, hotels, videos, and so on.

Additional Features

Once you’ve input all the essentials into the system, you’ll be able to take advantage of some extra, but important, perks within the Whova app including building your sponsor list, connecting your surveys, and uploading files for sharing with attendees.

Submitting your Event

Once you’ve finalized your event’s information, you’re ready to submit it through the Event Management System. Immediately after you submit, your event will be live in the Whova app. Upon submitting, you’ll be provided with access to review it within the app, as well as links to distribute through your network to encourage downloads. Don’t worry, you can still edit your app after it’s live.

Why not explore the Event Management System today? Sign up and get started now.


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