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Whova allows your event to go mobile, and supercharges your attendee engagement and networking experience.

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Mobile Brochure

Whova app Agenda iconAgenda: Help attendees sieve through hectic multi-day/multi-track event schedules with keyword searches and customize personal schedules by letting them add sessions they wish to attend.

Whova app check-in iconSession Check-in/Like/Comment: Boost session engagement by allowing attendees to share their opinions  and ask questions about the session.

Whova app direction iconInteractive Maps: Provide all the directions with interactive indoor maps, GPS guidance, and parking and shuttling information.

Whova app links iconLinks: Create your own list of custom links to provide additional resources or event live stream options on the web.

Whova app offline iconOffline: Let attendees automatically download and store basic information about your event including Agenda and Attendee lists in preparation for a lack of Internet connection.

Whova app slide iconBranding Page and Logo: Customize your event branding/splash page and logo in app, increase your event brand visibility.

Attendee Networking

Whova app attendee profile iconProfiles: Plan whom to meet with ahead of your event with the breakthrough SmartProfiles customized by Whova’s intelligent analytics on internet data.

Whova app exchange iconExchange e-business cards and profiles: Scan your own business card and conveniently exchange it with other attendees through the app.

business card scan iconManage business cards: Scan business cards received from any people and manage the contact information with Whova profiles.

Whova app slide iconNote-taking: Conveniently take a note on profiles, e-business cards, or a specific session on Agenda, and easily browse or search in one place

Whova app inmail iconMessages: Send your private messages to other attendees to arrange private meetings and keep in touch without ever needing to disclose your email address to anyone.

Whova app group chat iconGroup Chat: Invite fellow attendees to a private group, share information about local attractions, hang out together, and have more exciting experiences.

attendee networking whova feature

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Attendee Engagement

Whova app announcement iconAnnouncements: Send push notifications to all or select people to keep them up to speed with your latest information.

Whova app slide iconDocuments/Photo: Share presentation slides and any files with attendees. Allow them to take pictures and share with others.

Whova app twitter iconTwitter: Increase social media presences by posting tweets on your event’s Twitter page conveniently from the app without needing a Twitter account.

Whova app survey iconSurvey/Session Feedback: Collect more feedback through convenient mobile surveys. Allow attendees to rate sessions and receive the statistics reports we compiled for you.

poll_blueLive Polling: Collect votes effortlessly and accurately without needing to spend time and resources for manually counting, gathering feedback, and generating engagement.

bulletinBulletin Board: Make attendee discussion more active. Let your attendees and vendors to share information about recruiting, giveaways, ride sharing, and more.

Sponsor Appreciation

Whova app sponsor iconSponsor List: Promote your sponsors without the fear of becoming obtrusive. Put all the banners and links you need here to give them the credit they deserve.

medal_icon-WhovaCategorization/Leveling: Categorize or level the sponsors based on their contributions, industries, or anything else.

medal_icon-WhovaHighlighted Sponsors: Highlight a specific category of sponsors on the event main page to give them even more credits.

sponsor appreciation whova feature

sponsor appreciation whova feature

Exhibitor Showcase

Whova app slide iconBrand Visibility: Empower your exhibitors to upload their logos, enrich their profiles, and manage other branding materials to highlight their presence.

Coupon iconPromotional Activities: Create various opportunities for exhibitors to engage attendees with raffles, giveaways, and coupons, to attract more traffic to their booths.

Whova app target iconTargeted Lead Generation: Grant the exhibitors the ability to create promotional offers to filtered targets, benefiting the lead generation not only in quantity, but also in quality.

target iconHassle-free Leads Retrieval: Automatically send the leads list to the exhibitors without any extra efforts.

Data Security and Privacy


Servers hosted by the world’s leading high-security cloud systems in the USA

Data Privacy

Data encryption with strong industry-standard cryptographic protocol


Service uptime of 100% with a constant automatic backup system

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