As vaccines roll out and things start gradually returning to normal, you might be planning on organizing an in-person event, or even a hybrid one with more in-person elements. While virtual events were a great solution for last year, lots of organizers have understandably missed the kind of engagement and networking opportunities in-person events can offer and are eager for things to return to normal.

However, if things change, you don’t want to get stuck with your plans on hold. As much as you’re looking forward to an in-person event, you also want to be sure it’s always easy to switch back to virtual! That’s why Whova makes changing your event type as simple as possible.

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Use 95% of Whova’s features for any event format

It’s always fast and easy to switch your event between in-person, hybrid, and virtual. From options for engagement like Q&A and session polling to networking with attendee profiles and meet-ups, the majority of Whova features are fully available for any kind of format. Whova organizers have already used these features at over 20k in-person events, 5k virtual events, and 500 hybrid events, so rather than having to spend time changing how your event is set up, making a last-minute switch to online just means changing a few simple settings.

This means that you don’t need to worry about buying a different Whova package or setting up existing features a second time when you switch your event back to virtual; for most features, you won’t have to change anything! Just update the event type in the back-end organizer dashboard, and be sure to update your sessions with your livestream and video links. 

Effortlessly bring sessions online on short notice

Of course, the way you run sessions will be very different depending on your event type, but switching sessions over on Whova doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes! Once you’ve set your event type as virtual, you can embed your livestream links directly within the agenda items, so attendees just have to click on them to attend remotely. 

While the attendees won’t be there in person, you can still carry the session out as you had planned, just with a camera and computer livestreaming the experience in place of an in-person audience. If you were already planning on putting on a hybrid event and streaming sessions to remote attendees, all the links stay the same, meaning you don’t have to change anything!

We’ll make sure things stay simple 

When changing your event type, especially on short notice, we know you have concerns far beyond Whova, from canceling your venue to managing your speakers and event logistics. That’s why we make this switch as simple as possible on our side, giving you the time you need to take care of everything else. 

Organize successful events of all types

It doesn’t matter if your event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid; Whova has got you covered with an all-in-one event platform and features that work for any kind of event.

Want to know more about how Whova can simplify the planning process and empower you to bring your event to the next level? Sign up today for a free demo. 

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