In order to constantly improve on your event and deliver satisfying experiences to all, receiving feedback is almost essential. While important, we recognize that motivating attendees to deliver on this feedback can be challenging, resulting in unideal response rates to your surveys.

In the past, Whova has aided in increasing response numbers by gamifying surveys, live polls, and session feedbacks so that attendees gain leaderboard points in order to further incentivize their responses, as well as including in-app popup reminders that notify attendees of uncompleted surveys. 

Now, in an effort to increase response rates even more, we are excited to release the leaderboard customization! This improvement enables you to increase the point amounts of surveys, live polls, and session feedback in order to incentivize higher response rates from attendees.

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What points you can customize:

Surveys:  Whova’s survey feature has helped organizers collect feedback and improve events for years. On top of the default points attendees would already receive, you can customize how many points answering each survey form is worth on the leaderboard to boost responses. 

Live Polls: Whova’s live polls are a great way to engage your attendees while your event is happening. Now, organizers have the ability to customize how much responding to live polls are worth on the leaderboard in order to gather more attendee responses.

Session Feedbacks: Session feedback is an excellent way to receive input from your attendees right after sessions have ended. With this new update, organizers are welcome to incentivize even more responses by customizing how many points completing a session-based survey form is worth on the leaderboard. 

Customize points based on your event’s unique needs!

Incentivize Higher Response Rates with Leaderboard Points

Now, it’s easier than ever to motivate attendees to give feedback to your event in any form. Try doubling point values of surveys, live polls, and session feedbacks, or even try tripling them!

If your attendees still need that extra nudge, try sending out a special announcement or push notification to remind your attendees. 

Finally, try implementing some prizes! Coming up with prizes (that are relevant to your event) for the top 3 spots on your event’s leaderboard can do wonders in motivating more responses.

Tailor the leaderboard to fit your event’s needs now!

With this latest update, Whova introduces leaderboard customization to enhance event survey response rates. Attendees can already earn points through surveys, live polls, and session feedback, but now, customize those points values to incentivize more responses. Customizable point values empower organizers to tailor the leaderboard to their event’s specific requirements, making events more engaging, interactive, and fun, thus motivating attendees to return for future events.

For information on how Whova can gamify your event even further, click below for a free demo!

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