Whova personalized agendaMost of the time, large-scale conferences contain multi-day, multi-track program schedules that can be quite difficult to work with. Sieving through these program schedules for specific panels or workshops to attend can quickly turn into one colossal nightmare.

To make things easier for you in these situations, we have decided to implement two new features on the Whova conference apps – the Agenda Search and My Schedule, all for you to better manage busy agenda at your conference.

Agenda Search

The feature is marked by a magnifying glass located at the top of the screen. Users can search for different sessions by providing keywords such as the author’s name or any other relevant keywords. Users looking for particular speakers can also search using the speakers’ names.

My Schedule

It is simply a customizable list of sessions that you personally select to better organize your plans around your event’s hectic schedule. As you may already be aware, within the Whova app, there is an option on the main screen titled, Agenda. Tapping this option will direct users to a page containing a comprehensive program schedule that covers the entire duration of the event. From there, users can slide any listed program to the left to reveal a green add button on the right hand side of the screen. Any programs added with this button will be placed into the “My Schedule” tab located at the upper right hand side of the screen.

Those of you looking forward to attending the upcoming World Wide Web 2014 Conference (WWW2014) in Korea will have the chance to experience these new features firsthand. If you have not had the chance to take a look at the WWW2014 program schedule, take it from us: it’s an eyeful to take in. Take this chance to utilize our search and customization features to maximize your time efficiency and productivity at the conference.

To try out these new features, please download Whova event app.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will also be able to enjoy our other features, such as your own professional profile and a plethora of networking options!


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