You can’t stop smiling. You’ve just wrapped up a successful event and you’re amazed at how much your attendees used the event app. There’s only one thing that could ruin your mood: your boss wants a full post-event report to evaluate your ROI and share with your vendors.

With so much engagement on your event app, you’ve got a ton of data to wade through. You’re happy about these incredible achievements, but it’s going to take forever to write up a report with all this information. If only there were another way to get this data in one place!

Whova now provides you with a stylish, comprehensive post-event report that’s more extensive and in-depth than ever. That means you can demonstrate the ROI of your events clearly and professionally — without any effort on your part. 

Plus, we also enable you to monitor real-time event statistics during your event, which will help you understand how your event is running and take immediate actions that can lead the event to greater success.

Whova’s comprehensive post-event report >

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Save Time Collecting and Compiling Your Event Report

Your post-event report provides over 60 pages of valuable data in a handy PDF file. This saves you precious time, as you don’t have to manually collect and write up your event achievements.

We break down your event app usage into different sections including:

  • Event interaction
  • Event networking and distribution
  • Event marketing
  • Event management
  • Sponsors and exhibitors
  • Event logistics

Already dying to see your Whova stats? You can go to the Report tab on the Whova dashboard to get a condensed overview of your event highlights.

Share a Professional, Branded Report With Your Stakeholders

With Whova, you can feel confident sharing your event reporting with your managers and vendors.

The brochure-style report has a modern and professional feel as well as branded accents to showcase your unique event success. You’ll see your event branding color, event app interface, and event name on the front cover of your report.

Get Helpful Tips and Inspiration for Your Next Event

The Whova post-event report doesn’t just tell you how your event went — it also provides a wealth of ideas for your future events so you can get the most out of your event app.

Our brochure is more than another digital file to be saved somewhere on your computer and forgotten about. It’s a useful tool and resource as you organize your next event with Whova.

During Your Event? Access a Real-time Event Stats Easily

Whova provides not only a post-event report, but also real-time event analytics during your event.  From hundreds of thousands of attendees’ posts on the Whova event app, you may be able to see how your attendees are participating in your event and what they are talking about. 

However, sometimes you would like to get live event statistics quickly and easily, including how many people have downloaded the app, how often your sponsor banner has been viewed, how actively your attendees are participating in the event, etc.  It will help you make a quick decision and take action proactively in order to improve your event at the right moment.

Whova’s live event stats dynamically updating during an event >

Organize a Successful Event With Whova

With Whova, you can create a more enjoyable and engaging event with fewer event management hurdles.

Thanks to the new post-event report, you can now see your event success even more easily — and share it with your stakeholders. It’s just another way we’re helping reduce the workload for your busy organizing team.

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