December 21, 2023

Acquiring information through registration is the driving force of any successful event. As an organizer, you know how valuable insights and analytics are to ensuring a top-notch experience for all of your attendees. Not only do they allow you to gather valuable information about your event-goers, but in doing so, you can make adjustments or extra arrangements, such as food preparation or accessibility needs,  to better tailor your event to attendees’ needs.

To help organizers quickly gain more insights from their registrants, Whova is proud to announce Registration Form Analytics! Now, analyzing and viewing your registrants’ responses to questions is a breeze with new additions such as: 

  • High-level summaries that will give you valuable insights into how your attendees responded to your questions. Learn valuable information in summary form such as your attendees’ dietary restrictions, organization, and transportation methods.
  • Easy-to-view graphs for visual representations of the spread of answers at your event. These graphs are generated for each question you have!
  • Tangible response lists that give you downloadable lists of which attendees selected which options. You no longer have to spend time going through your question results and drawing up lists yourself. Effortlessly export specific lists, such as attendees with special dietary needs, right at your fingertips!

Whether you’re using multiple registration forms personalized for various audience groups, you can still leverage these analytics for different forms. We all know that different registrations may garner different information, and with this addition, it’s never been easier to view your insights for any and all of your registrations.

With this enhancement, it’s never been easier to take control of your event and provide your attendees with more personalized experiences. Take advantage of Whova’s registration to collect payment securely and valuable attendee responses, and with this enhancement, quickly gain insights that’ll bring your event to the next level!


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Summaries, graphs, and more!

As we welcome this new analytical enhancement for Whova, organizers like you can now gain access to…

Pie charts for easy insight-viewing!

Bar graphs for visible metrics!

Downloadable attendee lists for easy tracking! 

A few ways you can best utilize this new feature!

Good analytics and insights must first come from good questions. Having trouble coming up with things to ask? No problem! Try using our new analytics enhancement to gain insights for questions such as:

  • What association/organization are you a part of: Obtain thorough summaries that depict what organizations, associations, or companies your attendees are representing at your event.
  • What were you expecting to get out of the conference: Gain access to detailed graphs that depict your registrants’ unique expectations
  • Any dietary restrictions: View extensive attendee lists that let you know which attendees have certain dietary restrictions, allowing you to easily plan around.

Easily view your registration forms’ insights and analytics now

In an effort to revolutionize event organization by offering organizers a seamless way to extract valuable insights from registrants’ responses Whova introduces Registration Form Analytics!

These analytics present high-level summaries, visual representations through graphs, and downloadable lists of attendee selections, providing quick and comprehensive understanding of your attendees’ needs and preferences that you’ll acquire through registration. 

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