December 18, 2023

A good way to tell how successful an event app is, is by its adoption rate. Whova’s easy-to-use mobile app has often boasted a 80-98% download rate at events that use it! This can be attributed to the organizers’ multiple reminders  and the app’s user-friendly interface, coupled with a robust and secure sign-in process.

In a continuous effort to enhance the user experience, Whova has introduced a new sign in method for events that use Whova’s Registration. Now, attendees who register on Whova have the option to sign into Whova Event App using a personalized registration ID, unique to each registered attendee, providing a streamlined alternative to the traditional email-based sign-in process. This improvement aims to alleviate any potential confusion among attendees about which email to use, ensuring a smoother app onboarding process.

Whova prioritizes the security of event data, and this new sign-in method is no exception. Prior to this enhancement, with the exception of the event invitation code, attendees must use email addresses that precisely match those on the official attendee list that is streamlined from the registration system or uploaded by organizers. This stringent verification process adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorized access to your event.

With the introduction of the personalized registration ID option, Whova continues to prioritize both convenience and security, offering event organizers and attendees alike a more flexible and secure method for accessing and navigating their event app.

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All-new registration ID makes for an easier and safer sign-in experience

Thanks to this release, signing into the Whova app has never been easier. If you are utilizing Whova’s Registration for your event, all of your attendees will be able to use their brand-new, uniquely generated registration ID to enter the app. 

Not only is our app sign-in process easier, but it is also safer! This unique registration ID is directly linked to the email that your attendees will use to register for your event, automatically connecting them.

The brand-new registration ID arrives with attendees’ order confirmation!

No more confusion!

Because the new unique registration ID is directly connected to the email that an attendee uses to register for your event, say goodbye to potential duplicates on the attendee list! When attendees sign in with their unique registration IDs, it automatically links them to the account they used to register. Now, your attendees will no longer have to worry about which email they used, if your event is utilizing Whova’s Registration. 

Enter the new Registration ID in the Whova app!

Take advantage of easier and safer app sign-ins now!

Whova’s latest update introduces a unique, personalized registration ID for smoother app access at events that use Whova’s Registration. This unique ID, a feature offered by very few event registration software options, linked directly to attendees’ registered emails, streamlines sign-ins and eliminates confusion. Enhancing both convenience and security, this new method ensures a hassle-free and safer experience, prioritizing easy navigation and stringent verification for event attendees. 

For more information on how Whova can add security to your event, click below for a free demo!

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