Writing invitation emails and an event description is no easy feat. Being able to write up compelling descriptions, engaging email campaigns, and anything else you may need for is a task that requires lots of dedicated time and energy. 

Introducing Whova’s revolutionary AI Writing Companion! Thanks to this new release, creating stunning invitation emails (when utilizing Whova’s registration) and engaging event descriptions has never been easier. Thanks to cutting edge AI technology, all organizers have to do is input a few key traits about their event, such as the event type, target audience, and event purpose, and then watch the Companion get to work!

Additionally, you now can improve your writing like never before. Simply input whatever content you’d like to enhance, and then specify how you would want to improve it. The Whova AI Companion can make your work more concise, more descriptive, more exciting, or more professional, tailored to fit your event’s needs!

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When you interact with our AI writing assistant, only the prompts or drafts you provide, along with basic event info, are utilized to enhance your writing experience. Rest assured, your event data is never employed for AI training. 

Craft Attention-Grabbing Event Description in Minutes

Being able to create a description that highlights the benefits of your event and draws event-goers in, while sounds trivial, is an extremely challenging part of organizing an event and a commendable skill in itself. You either must devote hours towards coming up with content that reads well, or outsource the job to a professional. 

However, with the help of Whova’s new AI Companion, organizers are now able to save valuable time, energy, and money, and thus put it towards other goals. Simply input general information about your event, such as the event type, target audience, and event purpose, and then sit back and watch the Companion produce beautiful descriptions that draw readers in and create excitement for your event!

Just input general event information…

And go from prompt to finished in seconds:

Highlight Your Topic, Sessions and Speakers In Invitation Emails With Flawless Writing

Much like event descriptions, email campaigns are an important part of planning an event, but require lots of time and energy to get just right. Such campaigns are near essential for promoting your event, and require detailed descriptions and information. 

The Companion draws from already-inputted information on the dashboard…

And easily highlights your topic, sessions, and speakers:

The Whova AI Companion is here to help. Simply input general event information, as well as a session and speaker to highlight, then watch the Companion create a stunning invitation email that’s sure to bring attendees to your event. 

Polish Your Draft Into Perfect Piece in Seconds

If you still want to have a big hand in your writing, no worries! The Whova AI Companion is here to help improve your current writing as well. Simply input writing samples of your own and designate whether you want the Companion to make the content more concise, more descriptive, or more professional. 

Try adding in your own writing samples…

And take your writing to the next level:

The Companion is designed to not only help you write from scratch, but to also improve your draft and make you a better writer in the process. 

Generate Higher Quality Writing Faster and More Consistently Now 

The Whova AI Companion is here to help you generate better event descriptions and invitation emails faster, saving you valuable time and energy that can be put towards other event organizing tasks. Additionally, the Companion can help improve your own writing and take it to a whole other level by giving you the freedom to establish the desired tone of voice, based on your event’s needs.

For more information on Whova’s groundbreaking AI Companion, schedule a free demo below!

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