Social media has become an important aspect of the enterprise sector, particularly in disseminating information and gathering people to check out their products, services and brand. Businesses continue to use social media marketing to garner enough buzz and following in their respective industries.

A great example is the huge success of the iPhone 6s that Apple credits for their effective social media marketing and ads. It was reported last year by The Drum how social media led to the successful launch of the popular smartphone that sold over 13 million units in its first three days on the market. Many users have expressed their thoughts online and through their social pages regarding the current Apple flagship, which has received almost 500 reviews on the product page on O2. Many other companies, from global brands to SMEs, are now leveraging the power of social media to create online buzz, especially for their upcoming events.

In this article, we will feature effective social media marketing tips for event planners to get more attendees and followers.

Get media exposure

Social media can be your tool in connecting with the right people to attend your event, but it can also connect you with people who can help you advertise your show. You can utilize Twitter or LinkedIn in connecting with media people in your niche. However, avoid making it purely about your business and build personal connections by sharing what they’re sharing and commenting on their work. Build a lasting impression and expect them to continue promoting your work, event, products or services in the future.

If you can, partner up and work with bigger names in the business as they advertise their content, then let them mention yours in their intro. Think of it as a concert, and you are the front act before the main performer takes on the stage. Even small exposures can be of big help for your promotion. As you go along, you may start to notice that other promoters will ask the same of you, and before long you are the main performer.

Use teaser videos

With the help of platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, it has become easier for companies to post video ads and teasers about their products, brands or events. Online videos have been dubbed ‘the future of content marketing,’ especially with its large reach (100 million internet users watching online videos daily). Publishing teaser videos is a great way to generate interest and can be a quick form of promoting your event on many social platforms through shared posts. You can also create shorter videos to be shared on Instagram before sharing the full versions on Facebook and Twitter along with the appropriate event hashtag. Previously, we have featured a guide on how to use and create event hashtags to boost engagement, which is an important part of your social media event marketing success.

Expand your resources

Event planning takes serious skills, as you have to balance every aspect of the event you’re organizing to minimize or eliminate setbacks and other negative factors. Obviously, you cannot do this alone so you have to cleverly use every resource you can find.

You can join social media groups that have members in the same field as you, and learn from those who have been doing event planning far longer than you. Similarly, check out published works that are recommended by experts in the industry. Ask for material and other relevant sources which can guide you on honing your craft.

Eventually, this can go both ways as you will also make more connections in the business. If you’ve fostered good relations, time will come that you can take these connections to your advantage.

Another resource you can bring into your favor are visual images such as infographics and digital posters. Create some yourself or ask support from friends or professional artists. Use these to supplement your videos, as these can be shared more easily, and people can see the contents in one look. This is especially appropriate for people who are really busy, and don’t have the chance to watch videos all the time.

Additionally, infographics can retain the attention of viewers given that lots of information will be presented in an appealing, yet simplistic way. You can get your whole message across in a few seconds, as opposed to videos which can take relatively longer.

Combine videos and still-images to effectively elevate your chances of spreading information about your event.

Build a social event page

The most important thing to consider is to create an event-specific page on your official business social pages and website. It will serve as the home base for all information related to the upcoming event – i.e. sign-up forms, RSVP, VIP party, etc. It’s an effective way to direct potential visitors to the things they need to be informed about. Read these tips on how to build an effective Facebook event by Adweek to get a better grasp on how to make your event page more effective, interesting and engaging.

Check the page often and address any inquiries people may have as much as you can. This will subliminally tell them that your event is well-organized and you have a good handle on what you are preparing.

Continue to update during and after the event

Your duty to build social relations doesn’t end after the event. Event social pages need to be constantly updated during the occasion and even after the event. While the event is ongoing, you can constantly take pictures and videos to be published, announce giveaways and contests, and ask attendees to share their experiences using the official hashtag. After the show, you can use the same list of people for email marketing whenever you have upcoming events that may interest them. Always thank them in participating and follow it up with a recap of the event along with links to your other social media pages to strengthen business connections.

Social media can be your best tool in marketing your upcoming event. With the help of the aforementioned tips, you are a step closer to ensuring a successful business event. How do you currently use your social pages to get people to attend your event?


About the author:

BeJtechy is an events runner by day and a blogger during her free time. She manages her time efficiently to be able to get more things done in a day. She hopes to share most of her experiences by blogging from time to time.

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