Since its release, Whova’s Speaker Center has been a popular tool for many event organizers, helping them save valuable time collecting speaker information and session materials. 

Over the years, organizers have found other creative ways to leverage the Speaker Center functions and have also used it to communicate directly with speakers to handle event logistics, send reminders, share copyright forms, and much more.

To make this benefit more explicit and even easier for organizers to use, we’ve released a dedicated speaker communication function: Message Speakers. Now, organizers can easily manage various speaker messages in a single space, use pre-written templates for different situations, and target different messages at different speakers.

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Simpler speaker communication – without a mailing list

As an event organizer, you have a lot on your plate. Between the venue, sponsors, attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and more, it can be tough to manage everyone you’re in contact with. Message Speakers gives you a convenient, organized space to draft, schedule, and send emails to all or specific groups of speakers.

While Whova has other tools to help you with event communication, such as announcements and 1-1 messaging, this feature is entirely separate, making it easier for you to communicate directly with speakers.  This can ensure everything goes smoothly for your event, even before you publish your event app.

By handling speaker communication through Whova, you don’t need to worry about maintaining a mailing list to effectively reach speakers. Message Speakers is fully integrated with the rest of your event, so your speaker list will automatically sync to your messaging portal.  You won’t need to re-upload information, even if you add additional speakers or edit any speaker’s contact details. It’s that easy!

All speaker communication is in a convenient central location

Handle everything from start to finish

Organizers can use Message Speakers before the event is even published and can continue to do so after the event is over.  Reach your speakers at any time throughout the event planning process.

Use Message Speakers to:

  • Establish important schedules and deadlines
  • Keep speakers up-to-date on parking, dinner arrangements, check-in, registration, and other logistics
  • Collect speaker and session information (which can easily be set up in Whova by the organizer or the speaker themselves)
  • Distribute copyright release forms, liability waivers, or any materials the speaker may need
  • Inform speakers about room changes or any other last-minute updates throughout the event
  • And any reason you need to contact speakers, from the early stages of event planning, to weeks after it ends!

Writing the perfect message only takes an instant 

Write your own messages to speakers, or choose from our pre-written templates covering a variety of situations.  These include: general announcements (for any information the speaker may need to know), requests for session documents, sending media release forms, as well as  sending information about speaker check-in, parking, and speaker registration.

Choose from pre-written messages tailored to different situations

You can further edit these templates to fit your event even better. If you’ve used Whova in the past, you can also save time by re-using emails from past events.

Target speakers for specific sessions, tracks, days, and more

Need to follow up with a specific speaker about their media release form or let panelists for a specific session know that the room has changed? No problem – in addition to sending email blasts to all of your speakers, you can also message individual speakers or groups of speakers. Filter your audience to a specific session, date, or track, or manually select which speakers you want to reach. 

Target messages for different groups of speakers

Streamline speaker communication

With Speaker Messaging, communicating with speakers can be simple and convenient! From establishing deadlines to collecting information to handling logistics, manage all communication from a single, dedicated space, fully integrated with the rest of your speaker management tools. Recently, Whova also released the built-in and fully integrated call for speakers system

Interested in learning about Whova’s other speaker management and event planning tools? Sign up today for a free demo.

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