Did you know that Whova has supported more than 500 corporate and government events over the last year alone?

Many told us that Whova was the driving force in executing a successful event. That’s why we felt honored when thousands of organizers voted for us to win the People’s Choice Award. It was our pleasure to hear that Whova saves so much time in the event planning process and helps engage attendees in a whole new way.

Corporate, government and business event organizers want to not only save time when planning these events, but they also want to keep their event data secure. That’s why Whova always puts event data security and robustness as a top priority. Rooted in Whova’s founding team, our product team has talented expertise in internet security and data privacy. Our deployed security technology has not only met the expectations of event industry users, but our in-house security experts have also been recognized by the world-wide, prominent research community.

Recognized by the Top Security Research Community

Whova engineers collaborated with researchers at the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of California, San Diego to further strengthen our underlying technology with the latest data security trend as well as contribute to the broad research and industry community with Whova’s accumulated insights.

The research innovation that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques to manage security was well received and published at the 26th annual Association for Computer Machinery Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) held in London, UK in November 2019. This conference is the leading global forum for information security researchers, practitioners, developers, and industry to explore new tools, techniques, and experiences.

We will continue to innovate to make organizers’ lives easier and stress-free. With a separate engineering team and QA team that focuses only on data security and reliability. Whova’s records to win the Best Event App, Best Technology for Audience Participation, and Best Event Networking Technology, is not just a collection of useful features, but with solid robustness and security.

What Whova does for Security and Reliability

  • Hosting data on the world’s leading high-security cloud systems provided and protected by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Monitoring the availability and performance of service uptime which has consistently been higher than 99.5% based on AWS SLA
  • Encrypting all data in transit with the strongest industry-standard cryptographic protocol, SSL so all connections between networks and servers are secure.
  • Maintaining your data on an automatic backup system running 24/7
  • GDPR compliance to make sure you do not breach any laws
  • A dedicated security team and a testing team adopting cutting-edge technology to prevent any security vulnerabilities.

As Whova is rapidly growing, we’re excited that we could contribute to the field of computer and communications security on a global scale. We’ve helped organize and keep data confidential for corporate and government events that used Whova for their sales kickoff meetings, leadership conferences, customer and partner conferences, and training. With secure attendee lists, shared documents, and event content, organizers never have to worry.

Moving Forward

We’re consistently dedicated to making sure our team works on challenging projects that advance the product forward and helps event organizers save more hours every year.

Want to find out more about how you can run a successful event without ever worrying about data security? Request more information about our software here.

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