Are you on the hunt for the best all-in-one event management software? If you’re searching for the best alternative to Whova, the popular event software platform, look no further. No other event management software could be a sufficient Whova alternative because no other platform matches Whova’s quality for professional events. 

You’re probably familiar with the G2, the top site for verified and unbiased software user reviews. In case you didn’t stop by G2 on your way to this blog, below is an overview of the Whova reviews on their site. 

Read Whova reviews on G2

To start, Whova’s all-in-one event management platform has an overall rating of 4.8/5 with over 900 reviews on G2. You might be thinking “All-in-one” sounds too good to be true. But our individual feature rankings for organizers, speakers, and attendees are higher than the competition. Our priority is to ensure each and every functionality of our platform is easy-to-use and of the highest quality. Check out these Whova ratings by category from G2’s Spring 2022 report: 

Event agenda & scheduling – 9.7/10

You’re certainly not going to find an alternative to Whova’s Agenda feature. Setting up your event schedule through Whova saves you time and streamlines your attendees’ access to view it, with color-coded session tracking, instantly reflected schedule changes, and personalized attendee agendas. 

Ease of setup – 9.2/10

Whova event organizers love how easy it is to set up their event. 

The significant ease of installation and use was greatly appreciated.Randy Strozyk, Senior Vice President of Operations, American Medical Response, Inc.

Our team has been amazed at the new features and user-friendliness of Whova.Stephanie Shi, EVP, Pfizer

Meets requirements – 9.5/10

Every function or tool an event organizer could need is available through Whova’s all-in-one event management platform, so it’s no surprise that Whova customers consistently report satisfaction with our offerings. 

Speaker access & control – 9.3/10

Speaker management is one of the most important yet challenging components of organizing an event. Whova’s Speaker Center saves organizers time updating speaker profiles, creating promotional materials for speakers, and communicating with their speakers. There’s no alternative to Whova that will streamline speaker management as efficiently as our platform does. 

User registration process – 9.2/10

The Whova Registration process couldn’t be simpler for attendees – all it takes is a few clicks to confirm registration and receive a custom, automatic confirmation email. 

Mobile check-in – 9.5/10

With Whova’s check-in system, attendees won’t waste any time waiting at the door. Staff can check-in attendees directly through the app with the click of a button or with a quick personal QR code scan. Better yet, lots of organizers opt to use Whova’s contactless check-in system to skip the need for any front door staff.   

Event marketing – 9.1/10

Whova offers powerful and time-saving event marketing tools including a social media center, email blast tools, and an abundance of ready-to-use templates that help organizers spread the word about their events. 

Event website creation – 9.2/10

Creating an event website has never been easier than with Whova’s auto-generated & customizable web page templates. Whova’s eye-catching webpages for speaker, sponsor, agenda lists (and more) take just minutes to add to your website and automatically update any last minute changes. Don’t have an event website? Whova generates a comprehensive event website for you. 

Attendee networking – 9.6/10

There’s really no alternative to Whova’s networking features. The Whova platform makes it easy for attendees to make new connections and reconnect with old colleagues at an event with features like profile match-making, one-to-one messaging, meet-up scheduling, and a dynamic community discussion board. 

Used this app recently for a gathering of TEDxers ‘TEDxWeekendsingapore 2015’, I found it very helpful in connecting and knowing more about fellow attendees during the event.Vivek Manoharan Co-founder & Curator, TEDxNTU

Virtual networking – 9.6/10

Whova takes the pressure off organizers to create valuable networking opportunities for virtual attendees with digital Speed Networking, virtual meet-up capabilities, and so much more. 

Attendee surveys – 9.3/10

Event organizers who use Whova get the feedback they need with session feedback forms, pre-event & post-event surveys, and live session polling.

Exhibition management – 9.1/10

Whova’s Exhibitor Center makes the process of managing exhibitor contacts and content smoother and less time consuming. Plus the app makes it easier for exhibitors to engage with attendees, giving exhibitors the benefit of boosting their visibility and ROI.  

Virtual lobby – 9.2/10

Virtual attendees get way more than just a video link with Whova. Whova’s virtual conferencing platform has an attractive, engaging, customizable home-page where attendees can navigate through and engage with every part of the event.

Interactive content – 9.5/10

Gamifications? Live polling? Photo sharing? Interactive floor map? You name it – Whova’s got it. Pick and choose the interactive features you want your attendees to use, or just use them all, and your event won’t have a dull moment.  


Whova is What the customers have to say about Whova tells us a lot, and who they are is just as telling. Whova’s platform has been used for in-person, virtual and hybrid events by all kinds of organizations: 

  • Corporate events ( L’Oreal, HBO, Lego, Ford, US Bank, IKEA)
  • Academic events (Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Yale)
  • Government events (United Nations, US Dept. of Education, NASA)
  • Association events (American Library Association, Computing research association, American Marketing Association)
  • Conferences (Scrum alliance, Startup weekend)
  • Trade shows (North East Expo, ID4Africa)
  • Festivals (TEDx, Eastern Africa Music Summit, Viva las Vegas)
  • Art shows (Artexpo New York, Art San Diego)
  • Career/Job fairs (International Conference on Machine Learning, Asian Career Fair, Career Connect)

Whova’s extensive set of advanced and reliable features makes the platform perfectly customizable to fit the unique needs of every organization and event. So many different organizations use Whova for their event because it’s intuitive for all users and effective for any event. 

Here are a couple examples of how organizers benefit from using Whova to manage their events:

1) Streamlined Event Information. Manual maintenance of event information is one of the most tedious event planning tasks. Whova’s platform streamlines the process of managing event information by making it easy for important stakeholders like speakers, sponsors, or exhibitors to customize their own profiles without needing access to the back-end system. Whova event organizers can simply upload a basic contact list to be integrated across the platform, and each contact is automatically sent a personal link so they can further customize their own profile.

2) Simple & Efficient Set-up. You don’t need to be a software engineer to be an efficient event planner. No coding is involved in any step of the event set-up and customization process in Whova. In fact, Whova also takes the pressure off maintaining an event website. Whova automatically generates a complete and customizable event website, including individual web pages for event agendas, speaker lists, sponsor lists, and more. Organizers can select from a range of sleek design templates, customize design elements for branding, and choose which information to include with a few clicks. The best part? The web pages automatically update any schedule changes or new details. 

In addition to its robust event management tools, Whova’s all-in-one platform offers a variety of engagement and networking features for organizers and attendees that are proven to enhance the overall event experience. As an event software leader, Whova is constantly releasing new features and improving current ones to make every step of the process smoother for organizers and attendees. 

Whova event management software

There are tons of event management software out there. And it can certainly be overwhelming to choose the best one. But when it comes down to it, there really is no alternative to Whova’s platform. 

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