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Small ideas can grow to be big forces in communities, and Whova is here to demonstrate how that notion is very true! Starting out small but full of drive, we’ve grown to positively influence the events industry in big and meaningful ways. From serving as a valuable resource to event professionals, to being recognized by top medias such as Forbes, we’re proud to have developed into the impactful company we are today, inspiring those in our community and demonstrating the power of growth.

Inspiring Articles Referred by Forbes and More

Our influence on the industry can be seen by how much we give and contribute to our wonderful community. Here at Whova, we take pride in helping event professionals expand their knowledge. In 2015, we wrote 33,000 words across our blog articles on event planning, event tech, and other various topics. One of our blog articles, “Corporate Event Planning: Should You Bring In-house or Outsource?“, has been mentioned on Forbes!

We’ve also guest blogged on other awesome websites, sharing our event expertise with new audiences and increasing our visibility. HelloEndless, an award-winning nationwide event production company, houses one of our articles called “6 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Exhibitors Booths“.

Our other articles have also been well-received and have been inspiring the #eventprofs all around the world. For example our blogs on  “8 Free Event Planning Software That Will Make You a Rockstar” and “10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue” already attracted more than 50,000 views.


Contributing to Social Media with Increasing Presence

Our growing contribution to event professionals worldwide doesn’t end there, but is also noticed on social medias. we’ve tweeted over 4,000 times and are rapidly reaching 3,000 followers.

We’ve had the chance to co-host an #EventPlannersTalk twitter chat with The Mice Blog on the topic of Leveraging Event Tech to Engage Attendees! We sparked an excellent discussion on how event organizers can interact with and engage their attendees before, during, and after events.

Here are some highlight tweets from the chat:

When asked how event tech has enabled reaching out to attendees before events, Sandeep answered with, “Pre-event notices, announcements, [and relaying] information.”

Catherine replied that “social media contests throughout the day engage attendees and adds some fun to the event” when asked what features of event tech provides the most advantages in increasing engagement.

Amanda said that event tech “can help event marketing by helping to keep in touch and build excitement before an event.”

Growing our Spotlight in the Industry with Awards and Recognition

Our impact on the events industry is not only seen through our contributions, but our presence in lists of event tech trusted and recommended by professionals. We’re happy to say we’ve carved a name for ourselves!

TechsyTalk, a blog run by event tech guru Liz King, featured us as “Event Tech of the Week”. We had the fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by Liz and shared how Whova enhances event engagement and networking.

We’re super excited to have been featured on Inc, VenturePact, Rapid Office Monkey, and more! Our Whova app is referred to as one of the “essential tools you need to make event planning easy,” a way to “become a better event manager,” and top 5 of the “17 best mobile event apps for conferences and corporate events.”

We can’t thank you enough. Our customers and supporters have helped us get to where we are now. Our impact on the industry will grow more and more as we do bigger and better things in the world of events!

Let us know your thoughts on our feats in the comments below.


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