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Whova vs Cvent - review comparison

Whova has powered 50,000+ events, seamlessly serving 10 million attendees in 100+ countries across the globe. Event organizers and attendees consistently praise Whova for superior quality and user experience. Here is how organizers rate Whova vs. Cvent:



Meet Requirements
Software Quality
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Quality of Support
Registration Process
Event Website
Event Schedule
Exhibition Management
Exhibitor Lead Generation
Attendee Networking


An Incredibly Easy-to-Use Solution

From registration setup, call for speakers, to event app creation, Whova’s dashboard is five times easier to use. Whether your event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid, Whova allows you to do your job much easier and faster through an incredibly intuitive interface.

A true “all-in-one”, seamlessly integrated system, instead of a loosely coupled system that is poorly integrated, Whova allows you to manage everything all under one roof. You won’t have to juggle multiple platforms and spreadsheets.

Your attendees, speakers and exhibitors also enjoy a clean, intuitive and easy to use app interface. Don’t take our words — see the reviews on App Store and Google Play.

Whova vs Cvent - ease-of-use comparison


Enterprise-Level Software Quality

Whova vs Cvent - quality comparison

Whova offers the best-quality product for your events from start to finish – abstracts collection, event website, registration, schedules, badges, check-in, and mobile app – all from a robust platform built by the Best Product Team from top-tier colleges.

No matter your organization – associations, higher education, non-profits, governments, corporates – and no matter your event format – conference, trade show, or community gathering – Whova helps you run it smoothly and flawlessly.

Tens of thousands of event organizers and millions of event attendees worldwide trust Whova to power their in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. You can’t go wrong.


An Affordable Platform That Saves Money

The hybrid platform was literally so user friendly that when I was talking to the A/V about it, I showed them how you set it up. They literally took off, I’m not kidding, they took off like $3,000 off of the quote, because they saw how easy it was to set up because they assumed it was going to be way more difficult or way more intensive than it needed to be instead of just adding the link in there.

Loryn Wellman

Organizer, Generational Wealth Conference

Save $5,000~$10,000 on Event App

Save $3,000~$6,000 on registration processing fees

Save $2,000~$5,000 on virtual/hybrid event production

Save $1,000~$10,000 on name badge design & printing

Save $3,000~$15,000 on web page design & construction

Save $3,000~$50,000 on event management staffing


Doubled Exhibitor & Sponsor Visibility

Create a digital booth to showcase your brand with interactive features like deals, giveaways, brochures, videos, and live chat functionalities, all within the Whova app.

Double your booth traffic and leads with our popular passport/stamp contest, encouraging attendee engagement and interaction.

Secure prime placement for your brand with rotating sponsor banners displayed on high-traffic app pages for maximum exposure.

Facilitate valuable connections with the Whova app’s advanced 1:1 meeting scheduler, allowing attendees to easily schedule appointments with exhibitors and sponsors.

Leverage our massive outreach to promote your products and services directly to a targeted audience of attendees.

Whova vs Cvent - exhibitor


Tripled Attendee Engagement & Networking

Whova vs Cvent - attendee networking

Convenient push notifications and email updates ensure your attendees are always in the loop with event updates.

Whova’s unique Community Board feature gives your attendees the space to easily connect with like-minded individuals, break the ice and start vibrant conversations. 

One-on-one meetings, speedy networking, and gamifications make your events more interactive, social, and entertaining. 

Matching Making and SmartProfiles help your attendees find people with similar backgrounds and interests.


Unmatched Customer Services

A single point of contact for all your support needs, ensuring you get the help you need quickly and efficiently.

Hit the ground running with a dedicated Whova account manager who will guide you through a smooth 1:1 onboarding process.

Whova Academy offers a wealth of knowledge with 16 weekly workshops across 8 key event management topics.

Deepen your understanding with over 100+ tutorial videos covering various aspects of the Whova platform.

Find answers to common questions easily with 450+ informative FAQ pages.

Participate in monthly webinars hosted by Whova experts to learn best practices and stay informed about the latest features.

Whova’s support team and our account rep has been great for us. Patrick, Josh, Jake, Zyrah, Edwin, Dylan, David. And last but not least Braulio. He’s our man. Either pre-event, and during event, I’m shooting questions at him left and right, they’re responding like that. So if you’re looking for something that’s really responsive, as far as customer support, Whova’s got the best team, hands down.

Alex Smith

Creative Director, Tribal Public Health Conference

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