Exciting news! Whova has been named the best product team by the Event Technology Awards. Over the past 6 years, Whova has consistently been recognized by the ETA for numerous awards including best event app, best pivot from physical to virtual, best event networking technology and many more!

Whova is also top rated on Trust Radius, and listed as one of G2’s top 50 best software. Whova is rated at 4.8 stars on both the app store and google play. 

What are the Event Technology Awards?

As the Event Technology Awards distinguish the best technology in the industry, they have often been called the “Oscars” of event technology. This round of awards was people focused, celebrating individuals and teams who foster solutions and best practices in the industry. We want to thank our amazing customers and stellar product team members, as we could not have made it to this point without you! 

Why Whova? 

Whova is an all-in-one event management platform designed to enhance the experience of in-person, hybrid, and remote events. We are trusted by customers around the world and many brand names including L’Oreal, NFL, Ikea, NASA, Tedx, Harvard, MIT, NASA, and more. 

The most appealing part of the platform was how user-friendly and organized it was on the back end. There were so many different features to help us make it an engaging event.

Melissa Calise

Director of Communications at the Association of Migraine Disorders and Organizer of the Migraine Symposium

Award winning customer oriented product team

Whova’s product team is made up of unique nationalities and educational backgrounds, working together in tight knit collaboration to create the best event app! Our team is always looking for ways to improve the platform and develop features that will enhance attendees experiences and streamline the process from start to finish for organizers. 

When the pandemic began in 2020, Whova’s product team was one of the first in the industry to develop a comprehensive virtual event management solution. They listened to the organizer’s struggles and helped them transition their in-person events to virtual with the app’s live Q&A, polls, virtual meet-ups, and more. The team wanted organizers to feel comfortable live streaming from platforms they were familiar with, so they designed the app to seamlessly stream Zoom, YoutubeLive, and many other popular live streaming solutions directly on the platform. The team continued working to add video replay options, digital exhibitor and sponsor booths, and an all-inclusive career fair.  

When restrictions began lifting, Whova’s platform was already designed to accommodate virtual and hybrid events. The product team further adapted the platform to accommodate the needs of two different audience bases by adding new hybrid settings to help organizers and attendees best leverage the features already in the platform. Organizers could now designate attendees as remote or in-person, and then target announcements or specific sessions between those attendee types. 

Save time with streamlined event planning

Whova’s technology automates many event processes for you, so you can free up time and resources! With features like the online agenda, you can simply input event information manually or all at once through an excel sheet. 

Empower speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors to upload their own details, so you can save time and ensure their information is accurate. And not to worry, you can still modify or add missing information, and the platform will automatically update those changes for you! 

Whova also generates sleek webpages from the information already in your platform, so you don’t have to hire a web designer, or even learn how to code. Simply customize an entire event website, or utilize the speaker, agenda, and sponsor webpages. 

Whova’s online registration is an efficient event solution to registering and managing the information of attendees. Manage tickets and payout right through the platform with attendee information automatically syncing to the platform. You can create multiple registration webpages, and send them separately to your different audiences.

A platform designed for the best event experience 

Whova’s product team had attendees in mind when creating the Community Board, an online networking forum meant to help people connect online or set up face to face meetings. Attendees or organizers can create discussion topics to get a conversation going, and post virtual or in-person meetups to grab coffee or connect in a video call right on the platform. Attendees also have the chance to introduce themselves through pre-set questions in Whova’s virtual ice breakers, helping attendees put themselves out there to make many more connections! 

With our advanced Smart Profile technology, once attendees update their profiles, they can message and view other attendees profiles in the platform, and easily find people with similar interests in the recommended tab. 

Another easy way to incentivize networking is through the platform’s speed networking and roundtable features, designed specifically to encourage face to face interactions. In the specialized roundtable sessions, you can assign sponsors or speakers to specific tables, and attendees can pick and choose which ones they would like to join. In speed networking, attendees are randomly placed in video calls that shuffle at set times, so they have a chance to connect with a lot of new people!

Support your next event  

Whova is a trustworthy and reliable platform, designed to improve your next event from the start to finish! Our dedicated product team works hard to ensure the platform is always up to date, and constantly looking for new solutions to the event industry. We are grateful to win the best product team award this year and will continue to strive for excellence!

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