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For eight years in a row, Whova has been a winner at the Event Technology Awards, known as the “Oscars of Event Technology”. We were named as the Best Event App, Best Product Team, and People’s Choice Award. Here is how organizers rate Whova vs. EventMobi:



Meet Requirements
95% (1,075 reviews)
90% (169 reviews)
Software Quality
Registration Process
Session Scheduling
Lead Retrieval
Exhibition Management
Attendee Networking
Mobile Check-in


Unparalleled Software Quality

Whova offers the best-quality product for your events from start to finish – abstracts collection, event website, registration, schedules, badges, check-in, and mobile app – all from a robust platform built by the Best Product Team from top-tier colleges.

No matter your organization – associations, higher education, non-profits, governments, corporates – and no matter your event format – conference, trade show, or community gathering – Whova helps you run it smoothly and flawlessly.

Tens of thousands of event organizers and millions of event attendees worldwide trust Whova to power their in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. You can’t go wrong.


Easier To Use Interface

We believe busy organizers like you should not experience any confusion or frustration using a software that is supposed to help.

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to set up everything in minutes – registrations, sessions, attendee list, surveys, activities, gamifications, and more.

Attendees will have everything they need at their fingertips through our award-winning mobile event app, too.

Whova vs EventMobi - ease-of-use comparison


A More Comprehensive All-in-one Platform

A lot of things that we used to have to do manually are now built into the system. We used to have a thousand moving parts, but now we keep these things including our registration all within one system so that then we can focus on a lot of other things to make sure that we have a successful conference.

Nate Gibby

Organizer, Utah Life Sciences Summit

Whova’s all-in-one event management platform includes more features that other platforms lack. Besides the registration, mobile event app, attendee check-in and lead retrieval, Whova also offers other critical components such as the abstract system (call for speakers), badge design & printing, exhibition registration & digital booths, posters, certificate generation, and more.

Whova even provides ready-to-use web pages displaying your agenda, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors to be embedded into your own website within five minutes.


More Opportunities for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Our platform empowers sponsors and exhibitors to create captivating digital booths brimming with promotional opportunities – coupons, raffles, and giveaways.

We facilitate direct interaction between attendees and exhibitors or sponsors. Vendors engage with attendees in real-time, spark interesting discussion topics to fuel networking, and leverage built-in attendee list scanning to identify high-value leads.

Our built-in analytics and reporting features provide clear insights into booth traffic, engagement metrics, and lead generation. Track your success, optimize your approach, and maximize your return on investment.

Whova vs EventMobi - vendor opportunities


Attendee Participation at a New Level

Whova vs EventMobi - attendee networking

With Whova, attendees can connect, network, share photos and videos, provide real-time feedback, and participate in community-building activities.

Easily arrange pre-conference meetups that foster valuable networking opportunities. Create a dynamic and interactive community from the very beginning.

Ignite engagement from the pre-event buzz to the post-event wrap-up. Our platform empowers a wider audience to share, comment, and promote your event to expand your reach and maximize the impact.


Top-notch Customer Service

Our dedicated customer success team comprises passionate event professionals. They provide personalized guidance, answer your questions, and ensure you leverage Whova’s full potential.

Explore our expansive FAQs, tutorials, step-by-step guides, weekly workshops, and group demos. Find answers to your questions quickly and gain deep product expertise at your own pace.

Each customer will be assigned with an Account Manager to ensure you get personalized assistance from real experts who understand your needs.

I have nothing but praise for the Whova Customer Support Chat Box team, whoever leads that. The fact that if I’m working on something I can so easily just put in the live chat box and talk to a real human and get an answer within a few minutes. I used that heavily when I was just trying to find out little things here and there.

Jessica Coons

Organizer, GreenBiz

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