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“The other thing that we absolutely loved was being able to have the agenda pages and the speaker pages and the sponsorship that we could just put on our own website and just update it in one spot, and it’s updated on the website immediately, and the layout looks great. People just love that. And it made us look like ‘Wow, they know what they’re doing.’”
Testimonial by Melissa G. Rael
Melissa G. Rael, Owner, Melissa G. Rael & Associates
Organizer @ Western Intergovernmental Child Support Training Conference

Start Attracting Attendees in Minutes with an Event Website

Showcase your event, wow your visitors, and convert them into attendees faster than ever with Whova’s Event Website Builder.

Generate your own high-quality webpages with our stylish templates and avoid wasting valuable time waiting for a web designer.

Event E-mail Marketing
“If you go to the marketing section of Whova, you can create your flyers and automate that to go out on all social media, so we really have moved away from doing radio ads, paper flyers and promoting and all of that to electronic advertising.”
Testimonial by Lady Jane Acquah
Lady Jane Acquah, Special Events Manager, Integral Care
Organizer @ Central Texas African American Family Support Conference

See Your Web Traffic, Optimize Your Promotion Strategy

Event Listing

Get up-to-date insights into the effectiveness of your event promotion on the Whova dashboard so you can change course as needed.

Discover the web traffic analytics of your online visitors to refine your marketing strategy and target potential attendees.

Generate a Social Media Buzz with Eye-Catching Images

Create visually appealing posts in seconds with our sleek promo templates for social media and stop viewers in their scroll.

Save time and reach beyond your typical audience by scheduling posts for multiple social media channels and accounts through the Whova dashboard.

Event Promotion with Social Media

Make Event Advocates out of All Your Attendees

Event Social Media

Empower your speakers and attendees to share their experience of your event with Whova’s ready-to-post social media templates.

Build excitement, boost curiosity, and inspire more people to attend your event by displaying real-time social media posts on your website.

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