Do attendees need to search for our event on the event list?

For those RSVP attendees – no, they don’t need to. Once they verify their profiles and sign in, our app will recognize them based on their names/emails, and directly show your event on the main page of Whova.

For those walk-in attendees, they will have to look up the event by the name of the event. Once download the Whova app in app stores, they can open the app and navigate to the main event page, do a keyword search and they’ll be able to find your event without any problem.

Note: if you set a invitation code for your event, they’ll need to input the code to join. We will provide you with a flyer and slide that you can show the walk in attendees, which will provide them with information on how to download the app, the name, and invitation code. This way it will be super easy for your attendees to get to your event.

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