Event ticketing software helps event planners create and sell tickets, as well as track and manage the attendee list. Most ticketing platforms support the basic functionalities, but some of them go beyond selling tickets by offering more advanced features.

For example, some event ticketing systems and top event registration platforms allow organizers to send personal invitation emails, customize ticketing question forms and confirmation emails for different ticket types, integrate with attendee check-in and name badge generation, and a mobile event app for attendee engagement and networking.

In this article, we selected and reviewed 15 Best Event Ticketing Software, comparing the additional features they offer as well as the ticket fee.

How to Compare Event Ticketing Software

  • Ticketing Features – Does it support multiple ticket types? Can you customize registration question forms for each ticket type?
  • Extra Tools or Integration – Does it support attendee check-in and personalized content based on ticket type? Does it integrate with your CRM?
  • Reputation – What do the customers say about it? What are its ratings on software review sites like G2 and Capterra? How do the users/attendees rate it on Google Play and App Store?
  • Pricing – How much does it charge per ticket? Does the software charge a monthly subscription fee?
  • Payout – How quickly will you be able to access the ticket revenue? 

15 Best Event Ticketing Software: Features Review

1. Brushfire

Brushfire is an online ticketing platform for non-profit and ministry related organizations. It is mostly used by concerts, camps, plays, sports, classes and gathering events, and supports tiered ticketing.

Some additional features of Brushfire’s event ticketing software include:

  • The ability to assign seats for both individuals and groups when tickets are purchased.

Brushfire offers both a subscription model and per ticket model. The standard package charges $2988 per year and covers 750 weekly attendees or 2,000 yearly attendees. Beyond its online event ticketing system, Brushfire offers a limited set of extra tools.

2. Whova

Whova event ticketing software

Whova is an all-in-one event management solution that includes a ticketing system. Whova’s event ticketing software allows organizers to:

  • Customize ticket types, prices, capacity, and enable discounts & add-ons
  • Customize a branded registration web page 
  • Send invitation campaigns directly from Whova
  • Customize a registration question form and automatic confirmation email for each ticket 
  • Control access to event content based on tickets
  • Generate name badges with personal QR codes for attendee check-in and lead generation

Another bonus to Whova’s ticketing software is its dedicated exhibitor registration system, which allows organizers to create and customize tickets for each exhibitor tier/package and save time gathering info for each exhibitor profile and booth.

Whova’s event ticketing system charges a very modest fee of 3.0% + 0.99 per paid ticket on top of the Stripe fee, but does not charge any fee if your ticket is free. The system also supports instant payout so that organizers can receive the funds immediately as some attendees begin purchasing tickets.

It also bundles with an award-winning mobile event app that can boost your attendee engagement and networking. Whova has been widely adopted by conferences, conventions, symposiums and summits, including 20,000+ in-person, 6,000+ virtual and 1,500+ hybrid events.

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3. Ticketleap

Ticketleap is another event ticketing software, where you can sign up for a free account, set up an event page, create different ticket price levels, and launch ticket sales. Ticketleap also offers customizable templates. Some of its advanced features include:

  • Custom seating charts (if needed)
  • Customizable templates for your event ticketing page (works on both laptop browsers and mobile devices)
  • A calendar view that includes your future events
  • More payment options beside credit card, including Paypal

Ticketleap fee includes 2% + $1 per paid ticket, plus a 3% credit card processing fee. Unlike Whova, Ticketleap by default releases payout around one week after your event ends, and you will have to take extra steps to apply and get approval for a weekly payout plan.


4. RegPack

RegPack is an online ticketing software that allows event organizers to create flexible event signup processes with integrated payments, email communications, reporting and analytics. RegPack helps its clients to increase ticket selling and revenue growth, automate and streamline payments, and manage day-to-day tasks.

Some advanced features of RegPack include:

  • Purchase protection to help organizers handles refunds better
  • Conditional logic that allows you to create customized form questions
  • Recurring billing

RegPack’s pricing starts at $125.00 per month plus a 2.1% ticket fee plus 3.0% credit card processing fee. RegPack does not offer a free trial nor a free version.


5. Townscript

Townscript is another self-serve event ticketing platform mostly used in countries like Indonesia and India. It can handle both one time events or recurring events.

Some advanced features of Townscript includes:

  • Customizable ticketing form
  • List event on its website and can potentially attract more attendees
  • Some limited additional features to support virtual events

Townscript charges a ticketing fee of 2.0% + $2 per ticket, with a 2.9% credit card processing fee. It offers a daily payout plan, which is closer to Whova. It does not offer a free trial. Unlike RegPack, it does not require a monthly subscription fee.


6. Yapsody Ticketing

Yapsody is a live entertainment company focused on providing independent presenters and hospitality enterprises customized solutions for leveraging concert entertainment. With their unique products and services managed entirely in-house, Yapsody delivers quality customer service in the market for concerts.

Yapsody’s event ticketing system includes the following advanced features:

  • Reserved Seating that allows attendees to reserve seats, sections, and rows based on the premium pricing or VIP seating
  • Reserve tickets for guests and VIPs.

Yapsody charges $0.98 + 2.49% plus a 3.0% credit card processing fee per ticket for reserved seats. Similar to Whova and Townscript, it does not require you to pay a monthly subscription fee.


7. RegFox

RegFox is another event ticketing system on the market, which aims to make its interface simple and intuitive. Organizers can use RegFox to customize and brand their ticketing form. It also includes some features for virtual events.

Some advanced features of RegFox’s event ticketing software include:

  • An event page builder
  • Allows organizers to set dynamic pricing based on conditional logic
  • Support deposit payments

RegPack charges 3.0% credit card processing fee + $0.99 per paid ticket, and a $0.02 per invitation email. Some organizers have complained that the invitation email fee can get expensive if they send multiple emails or have a large set of recipients.


8. Greenvelope

Greenvelope offers an event ticketing software to help organizers send invitations, track RSVP, manage ticketing, and collect donations. It also includes some event management and event networking tools.

Some advanced features of Greenvelope include:

  • Customizable templates with company branding
  • The ability to add survey questions
  • Email address validation before sending out the invitations

Greenvelop charges $2095 yearly if your contact list has 10,000 people. It does not help you collect payments, so you would need to find another platform for that purpose.

9. Eventbrite

Eventgrid’s cloud-based registration and ticketing allows customers to organize conferences, seminars, events, forums, etc. Its simplicity will enable users to set up events in minutes. 

Key features include:

  • Easy payment processing
  • Event management
  • Ticketing modules

In addition to ticketing fees, Eventbrite has a free plan that allows up to 25 tickets and paid choices starting at $9.99 per event or $29 per month. 

10. ThunderTix

Anyone looking to sell event tickets online or in person can use ThunderTix, a web-based service. Some key features are:

  • Many personalization choices
  • excellent customer service

Prices for Thundertix tickets start at $1 per ticket ($20/month minimum for 20 tickets), $1.25/ticket ($25/month minimum for 20 tickets), and $1.75/ticket ($175/month minimum for 100 tickets) plus processing fees. You can try it out for 14 days at no cost.

11. Purplepass

For live-streaming events, events that run multiple days, or events that repeat, Purplepass is the way to go. Its key features include:

  • Excellent, personalized customer care
  • Ideal for any size of business
  • Easy to use

Purplepass charges payment processing costs of 2.5% + $0.25 and online service fees of 2.5% + $0.99 per ticket.

12. Ticket Tailor

Regardless of your event’s kind, size, or format, Ticket Tailor offers an easy way to sell tickets. Some key features are:

  • Ideal for a varied spectrum of organizers
  • Can organize seated or in-person events perfectly

With Ticket Tailor’s pay-as-you-go option, each ticket costs $0.65, while pre-paid credits cost over $0.26.

13. RSVPify

RSVPify is another event ticketing software that offers customizable registration forms. These forms allow for individualized registrations by asking particular inquiries.

Some key features are:

  • Ticket add-ons
  • Chart maker for searing

The starting price comprises a 1.95% service fee, $0.90 per ticket, and credit card processing fees.

14. Webex Events

To provide a versatile registration experience, Webex Events allows you to integrate registration and ticketing widgets on your personal event website.

The key features include:

  • Real-time registration analytics
  • Secure payment processing

You can get the starting price from the vendor upon request. 

15. TicketSpice

TicketSpice is still among the more budget-friendly options on the list. This event ticketing software is efficient and even has a CRM touch.

Here are some key features:

  • Make dynamic ticketing pages 
  • Quick event financing
  • Efficiently handle large events 

Tickets cost $0.99, and credit card transactions cost 2.99%. For tickets under $5, the cost is 49¢ per ticket.

Online Event Ticketing System Ticket Fee Recap

Below we briefly summarize the comparison of the 8 event ticketing system.

Event Ticketing Software Advanced Features Ticketing Fee
  • ticketing widgets, web pages
  • customized form questions based on ticket type
  • virtual and hybrid event support
  • personalized agenda based on ticket type
3.0% + $0.99 per ticket.
  • assign seats for individuals or groups
$2988/year for 750 members, payout after the event
  • create a custom seating chart
  • customizable event ticketing page templates
  • A calendar view that includes your future events
  • More payment options besides credit card, such as Paypal
2% + $1 per paid ticket + 2.9% credit card processing fee
  • Purchase protection to handle refunds
  • Conditional logic for customized form questions
  • Recurring billing
$125.00 per month plus a 2.1% ticket fee plus 2.9% credit card processing fee
  • Event listing on its website
  • Some limited additional features to support virtual events
2.0% + $2 per ticket plus 2.9% credit card processing fee
Yapsody Ticketing
  • Allows attendees to reserve seats, sections, and rows based on the premium pricing or VIP seating
  • Reserve tickets for guests and VIPs
2.49% + $0.98 + 3.0% credit card processing fee
  • An event page builder
  • Allows organizers to set dynamic pricing based on conditional logic
  • Support deposit payments
$0.99 per paid ticket + $0.02 per invitation email + 2.9% credit card processing fee
  • Customizable templates with company branding
  • Email address validation before sending out invitations
$2095 yearly for 10,000 invitees.

Free Live Demo of Event Ticketing Software

As an event planner, you need a powerful event ticketing software to streamline the process of selling tickets and managing guest lists. Besides the basic features and requirements, many tools offer additional features that may fit your needs.

The Whova event ticketing system is one of the best options out there, as it is a part of Whova’s award winning event management tools. Whova has supported event ticketing for over 50,000 conferences, summits, conventions and more. Request a demo here to see how Whova helped our customers!

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