How can I communicate with my attendants?

You can communicate with your attendants in the Whova app in any of the following ways.

  • Announcements. The “Announcement” feature in the app allows you to send messages to all of your attendees. Your attendees who have downloaded the Whova app will receive push notifications. Even if your attendees do not choose to download the app, they will still receive your message through email. This will allow you to remind attendees about your next events, alert them of any changes, etc.
  • In-app messaging. If you need to communicate with an attendee individually, you can send him/her a quick in-app message.
  • Surveys. If you want to get feedback from your attendees you can upload links from survey monkey straight into the app. You can also use Whova’s session based surveys which appear in each session.
  • Comments. You can also see the comments your attendees are leaving to get a better idea of how they are feeling about each session.

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