We are using (not using) Survey Monkey. How can Whova help collect surveys more effectively?

The Whova App provides two ways for your go get surveys and insights of your event.


1. If you are using Survey Monkey, you can simply provide the web link for us. We will put the link on our Survey section. You can see the survey results through your Survey Monkey account. Your attendees can do the survey through our app before, during, or at the end of events. You can remind them of this by sending out push notifications via our announcement feature.

You can link multiple Survey links on the app. (e.g. surveys for attendees, surveys for speakers, etc)

2. Session feedback: you can also put your questions in each individual session or talk. This gives you more detailed feedback for each session of the conference. From the survey result you can also find out what talks are more popular, and at the same time engage your delegates more in each session.

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