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What is Whova?

Whova is a mobile event app to build a community within an event that connects organizers, attendees, and sponsors all together. The company was founded in 2013 by Dr. YY Zhou, with the mission of revolutionizing attendee networking, engagement, and extending organizers’ events beyond time and location. Its vision is to become the must-have app for any event organizer so that their attendees network effectively at events and also manage his/her network in a more intelligent and organized way.

Event organizers use the Whova app for multiple purposes including mobilizing event information, saving on printing cost, providing attendees with a better networking experience so they keep coming back to the organizers’ upcoming events, and to show appreciation to sponsors/exhibitors in a new better manner.

Event attendees use the Whova app to be more productive at events, e.g. browse event brochure and set personalized schedule, network with the right people even before or after an event, and more.

Event sponsors/exhibitors use the Whova app to better expose their brand names and generate more leads.

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