Why Can’t My Attendees Find My Event Using The Search Function In The Whova App?

This is a common concern that a lot of organizers have when they first submit their event. The reason that your event is not coming up when people are searching for it in the Whova app is because we have not yet approved the app. Once an organizer submits the app the it needs to be approved by the Whova engineers. The reason for this is because the engineers want to make sure all of the attendee profiles are set up and ready to view before making it open to your attendees, and all of the information in the app is correct.

For events that have been approved, all the attendees have to do is click on the “find your event” section and search by the event name. If your attendees still can not find your event then contact our support team at support@whova.com and we will resolve your issue.

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