Event Registration Form for VIP Attendees

If you have VIP attendees at your event, you would need to think carefully about what information you would like to collect during the registration process. Besides some necessary personal information, you may also need to gather their flight arrival and departure time, guests/spouse information, whether or not attending VIP networking sessions, etc. Typically, you want to make your VIPs feel special. To help you save time come up with a registration form from scratch, we created the event registration form specifically for VIPs.

Here are a few examples of questions from our ready-to-use event registration form template for VIPs:

To get the full template of the event registration form for VIPs, fill out the form and click “Download Now”.

Download Event Registration Form for VIP Attendees


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How we built this event registration form template for VIPs:

To create the best set of registration questions for VIPs, we started by gathering event registration forms of over 1000 public events. We carefully reviewed, sorted, and analyzed each question asked in those events’ registration form and selected those commonly included questions. The event registration form for VIPs we created is one of the most comprehensive and detailed templates you can find on the internet!

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