Event Survey Questions for Educators Conferences

Organizing and managing an educators conference requires a considerable amount of time and energy. After the event, it’s important to obtain an accurate measure of the event’s success and find out how the attendees felt about the event. Event surveys are the best way to get the feedback you need, but creating an effective set of questions isn’t as easy as it might seem.

So, we came up with a ready-to-use Educators Conference Survey Template to save you time. Here are just a few examples of questions you can use:

1. Which of the following best describes your role?

  • Undergraduate student
  • Graduate student
  • Student teacher
  • Classroom teacher
  • Substitute classroom teacher
  • School administrator

2. How useful will the topics covered be to you in your work/school/classroom?

  • Extremely Useful
  • Very Useful
  • Somewhat Useful
  • Not very useful
  • Not at all useful

3. Overall, how effective was the conference content in showcasing new, emerging or best practice as it relates to teaching and classroom management?

  • Extremely effective
  • Very effective
  • Somewhat effective
  • Not very effective
  • Not at all effective

To get the full list of 19 event survey questions for educator’s conferences, fill out the form and click “Download Template”.

Download Event Survey Template for Educators Conferences (19 Questions)


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How’d we come up with our Survey Questions?

To come up with the best set of event survey questions for educators conferences, we carefully reviewed, sorted and analyzed survey questions from hundreds of events. Then we interviewed some of Whova’s most experienced event organizers to find out which kind of questions produce the best results.

Getting a better survey response rate

A strong set of questions will encourage your attendees to complete the survey. Here are a few other ways you can increase your survey response rate:

  • Be strategic with timing. Make sure to send your post-event survey within 24 hours of your event. But don’t wait until the last minute to tell your attendees about the event survey. Give them a heads up before the event wraps up.
  • Make your survey accessible directly through the event app. There’s a better chance your attendees will respond to the survey if they have access to it on the go. They’re much less likely to complete the survey from a post event email.

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