Event Survey Questions for Healthcare Conferences

For organizers of healthcare conferences, it’s imperative to meet guest standards and provide a valuable experience. Understanding attendee satisfaction levels, what the conference lacked and what needs to change is not a simple task, but it can be achieved with an effective survey. A strong set of questions will help increase your survey response rate, collect essential information, and garner an authentic sense of how attendees felt about the event.

So, we created a complete Healthcare Conference Survey Template that will save you valuable time planning the event. Here are just a few examples of the questions you can choose from:

1. Please indicate your professional role.

  • Graduate student
  • Post-doctoral fellow
  • Physician
  • Researcher
  • Resident
  • Nurse
  • Other

2. Do you plan to implement new changes to your practice based on information obtained at this event?

  • Yes
  • No

3. What problems in practice or patient care do you face that you would like to have seen addressed during this conference?

  • _____________________

To get the full list of 22 event survey questions for Healthcare Conferences, fill out the form and click “Download Template”.

Download Event Survey Template for Healthcare Conferences (22 Questions)


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Organizing and managing a successful healthcare conference is a complex undertaking. The right set of pre-event and post-event survey questions will maximize survey participation to provide a better measure of event success and guide future planning.

How did we come up with it?

To come up with the best set of event survey questions for healthcare conferences, we started by gathering survey questions from hundreds of events. We carefully reviewed, sorted and analyzed each question. Then we interviewed some of Whova’s most experienced event organizers to find out which kind of questions produce the best results.

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