Event Survey Questions for Leadership Conferences

When attendees register for a leadership conference it’s an investment in personal growth, professional development, or business opportunities. So as a leadership conference organizer, it’s crucial to make your attendees’ voices heard, and to understand the attendee perspective on the event. A great event survey can actually help you do that.

We know that leadership conferences require extensive planning and preparation, so we decided to make your next conference a bit easier by offering our specific leadership conference survey template.

Here are a few examples of questions from our ready-to-use leadership conference survey template that you can choose from:

1. Check the responses that are true for you (you can choose more than one):

  • I feel better equipped in my leadership role after attending this conference
  • I feel refreshed and motivated after attending this conference
  • I met new colleagues who I plan to keep in touch with
  • I received tangible ideas/resources that I plan to take back to my organization
  • I had fun at the conference
  • None of the above

2. What I learned at this conference will positively impact my leadership skills

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

3. What other kinds of leadership events or opportunities would you like to see __[Your Organization]__ provide?

To get the full list of 18 event survey questions for leadership conferences, fill out the form and click “Download Template”.

Download Event Survey Template for Leadership Conferences (18 Questions)


Interested in accessing more information?

Learn from your leadership conference attendees

Attendees show up to leadership conferences with a set of expectations, learning goals, or networking intentions in mind. A strong set of survey questions allows conference organizers to find out how the conference supports your attendees’ needs, while offering an opportunity for them to feel valued and engaged.

How we came up with it

To come up with the best set of event survey questions for your training event, we started by gathering survey questions from over 500 events. We carefully reviewed, sorted and analyzed each question. Then we interviewed some of Whova’s most experienced event organizers to find out which kind of questions produce the best results.

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