Event Survey Questions for Women’s Leadership Events

A solid collection of survey responses can play a big part in successfully facilitating a valuable, enriching, and smooth experience at your next women’s leadership event. It can be time consuming and tricky to craft the perfect set of questions. So, we put together a ready-to-use survey template for women’s leadership events for you to save some time planning, and achieve quality survey feedback.

Here are a few examples of the questions you can choose from:

1. Which of the following best describes your current title?

  • Owner/Entrepreneur
  • CEO/President
  • VP/Manager
  • Administrative
  • Student
  • Homemaker
  • Retired
  • Professional (MD., ED.D, JD., etc..)
  • Trainer
  • Executive Director
  • Other

2. How likely are you to share what you learned at this event with other women in your community/organization?

  • Very likely
  • Somewhat likely
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat unlikely
  • Very unlikely

3. Were there any major challenges faced by women in your community/industry that you feel were NOT adequately addressed during the event?

  • ________________

To get the full list of 17 event survey questions for Women’s Leadership Events, fill out the form and click “Download Template”.

Download Event Survey Template for Women’s Leadership Events (17 Questions)


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Make this event survey work for you

Gathering baseline information, satisfaction rates, and critical insights from your attendees will be necessary for updating and improving your next women’s leadership event. The right set survey questions can help you do that, and more. Organizers of women’s leadership events use questions like these to get a stronger sense of who their audience was, what they look for at the event, and how to offer them a truly valuable experience. Quality event survey questions will actually increase survey participation.

How did we come up with the template?

To come up with the best set of event survey questions for women’s leadership events, we carefully reviewed, sorted and analyzed survey questions from hundreds of events in women’s leadership. Then we interviewed some of Whova’s most experienced event organizers to find out which kind of questions produce the best results.

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