Managing an event involves a multitude of tasks, from coordinating logistics to engaging attendees. But one of the most intricate and tedious parts of event planning lies in managing the submission, review, and selection of proposals, which, is also known as call for speakers / abstracts, or abstract management. In event management, where time is of the essence, abstract management software can come in handy.

From setting submission guidelines to assigning reviewers and finalizing selections, a robust abstract management solution can streamline every stage of your call for speakers process, saving event organizers valuable time and resources.

From industry-specific platforms for academic conferences to comprehensive solutions for scalable events, we’ll explore the top 12 abstract management software for managing calls for proposals, speakers, and abstracts.

What is Abstract Management Software?

An abstract management software is a specialized tool designed to simplify the abstract submission and review process for events and conferences. It’s a centralized platform to call for proposals, call for abstracts, and call for speakers or presenters. A good abstract management software can help any event planner save time, reduce errors, and ensure a smooth flow of information throughout the event planning process.

What to Look for in an Abstract Management Software?

Before diving into the top 12 best abstract management software, let’s first understand the key features to look for when choosing a suitable solution for your event.

  • User-Friendliness: A good abstract management software should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It should be easy for both organizers and participants to navigate between pages, refer to past documents, and more to ensure a seamless experience throughout the submission and review process.
  • Customization Options: Customization is key in ensuring the chosen abstract management software fits the unique needs of your event. The ability to tailor submission forms, review criteria, and compile information will play a large role in your conference or event.
  • Integration Capabilities: An abstract management software with good integration capabilities can help reduce errors and workload. A suitable abstract management solution should easily integrate with your other event management software for registration systems, email marketing, and other event management tools to create a cohesive and interconnected event planning ecosystem.

Top 12 Abstract Management Software Solutions

Now that you know what to look for in abstract management software, let’s take a look at the top solutions in the market. 

1. Cvent Abstract Management

Notable for its comprehensive event management features, Cvent Abstract Management stands out as a robust solution for handling abstract submissions, reviews, and speaker selections. The platform allows you to customize your forms and allow speakers to submit their content to you. The application can be easily integrated into Cvent Event Management. With its laundry list of features, it is not surprising that Cvent comes with a higher price tag when compared to other solutions.

2. Whova Call for Speakers

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Whova takes the lead in streamlining submission and review management. With its quick form setup and ready-to-use applications, Whova’s abstract management solution ensures a hassle-free experience for both organizers and speakers. Whova also simplifies communication, distributes the review workload, and keeps everything on track with its customizable timelines. 

With Whova, you can: 

  • Ensure every approved session is automatically added to the event agenda. 
  • Have speakers submit their presentation slides onto the platform, update their professional bio, photo, and conduct Q&A. 
  • Automatically update all approved speaker information and have it synced across webpages and event app. 
  • Style the speaker webpage without any manual design or implementation.
  • Ensure every document is submitted, reviewed, and published on time. 

The best part of Whova is that the abstract management feature fully integrated with the other Whova products and the event management system. 

3. Confex Abstract Management

Confex Abstract Management is a comprehensive solution for events of all scales. It offers a suite of tools specifically for abstract submission, review, and scheduling. One of its key strengths is its structured approach to managing proposals and to call for speakers. The platform also incorporates robust scheduling tools to ensure your sessions are well-organized and simplified. 

4. OpenWater

OpenWater stands out as an abstract management software for its versatility and adaptability. The application’s primary focus lies in abstract management and includes capabilities to encompass the management of awards and grants as well. This makes OpenWater a top choice for organizations and associations hosting a wide range of events with diverse requirements. OpenWater is also user-friendly and provides customizable forms, reporting, and analytical tools to help improve the event’s overall performance. 

5. Oxford Abstracts

Oxford Abstracts is known for its flexibility and adaptability, making it a great choice for a wide range of event types, including academic conferences, industry symposiums, or corporate events. The platform offers customizable features that cater to the unique submission and review criteria for these events. With Oxford Abstracts, you can also tailor submission forms, review processes, and evaluation criteria to meet your specific event needs. 

Oxford Abstracts also prioritizes user experiences, making it easy for participants to answer any call for proposals, call for speakers or call for abstracts. The focus on usability extends to the platform’s administrative tools, allowing organizers to manage these submissions, assign reviewers, and easily track progress. However, the platform can come with a high cost and a steep learning curve for those who are not familiar with abstract management software. 

6. EasyChair

EasyChair has made a name for itself in academic circles. It is widely regarded as the go-to solution for conference and journal management with its straightforward abstract submission and review feature. Researchers, scholars, and conference organizers appreciate the platform’s intuitive interface, which simplifies the submission process and streamlines the review workflow. EasyChair also provides tools for paper submission, peer review, and conference scheduling. This integrated approach allows academic organizers to manage all aspects of their events from one platform, saving time and reducing administrative overhead. 

7. Precision Conference Solutions

Precision Conference Solution is designed to handle the entire submission and review process with ease, making it one of the leaders in the field of abstract management solutions. Precision Conference Solution offers event organizers flexibility and scalability for a wide range of event types and sizes. Whether organizing a small academic conference or a large-scale industry symposium, the platform offers customizable tools for the submission and review process. 

8. Reviewr

Reviewr stands out with its streamlined solution for its ability to call for proposals, call for speakers, and call for abstracts. The platform has a user-friendly interface that promises efficient workflow and is designed to simplify the event planning process. With Reviewr, participants can easily submit their abstracts, and reviewers can easily evaluate and provide feedback with the platform’s built-in tools. One of the key advantages of Reviewr is its focus on user experience and its interface, which is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.  

9. Symposia

The Symposia platform is dedicated to simplifying the abstract submission and review process. It recognizes the importance of efficiency and user-friendliness and provides a straightforward solution that answers these needs. Symposia comes equipped with a built-in messaging system, allowing easy communication between organizers, reviewers, and participants. This ensures everyone involved in the abstract submission and review process stays informed and up-to-date, minimizing delays and ensuring a smoother workflow. 

10. Firebird Conference Systems

Firebird Conference Systems is another popular choice in the academic community. It’s tailor-made for academic conferences, providing specialized abstract and paper management features to meet the unique needs of these events. In addition to the robust submission and review tool, Firebird Conference Systems can also help with session scheduling, speaker management, and attendee registration. This comprehensive approach ensures that event organizers have everything they need for a successful event. With its focus on academic excellence and attention to detail, Firebird Conference Systems has become a trusted partner for academic institutions and organizations.

11. Mira Smart Conferencing

Mira Smart Conferencing takes a holistic approach to event planning, offering an integrated solution for calls for abstracts and speaker and session management. The platform recognizes the interconnected nature of these event components and aims to provide a cohesive solution for a well-managed event. Mira Smart Conferencing provides organizers with built-in collaboration tools to facilitate communication and collaboration among speakers, reviewers, and participants. The platform allows users to easily share documents, exchange feedback, and coordinate logistics in real time. 

12. Morressier

Morressier specializes in abstract and poster management for academic and scientific events. It offers a comprehensive solution for handling complex and large volumes of abstract submission and review processes. The platform is flexible and scalable, allowing organizers to easily switch between managing large-scale conferences and small symposiums without leaving the platform. Morressier also offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, providing organizers with valuable insights into abstract submission trends, reviewer feedback, and overall event performance. 

Choose the Best Call for Speakers Software

Event organizers should carefully review all available abstract management software solutions, considering factors such as user-friendliness, customization options, and integration capabilities. Take the time to evaluate your options and consider all factors so you can make an informed choice for a seamless and efficient event management experience. . 

While the top 12 abstract management software solutions listed above come with their strengths, one stands out for its comprehensive approach – Whova. Whova can do more than steamline the submission and review process for you. It also provides event organizers with customizable options, integrated communication, and a user-friendly interface. Request a free demo today and find out how Whova can enhance your event management experience. 

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