May 20, 2024

Looking for Cvent alternatives that are easier to use and offer better customer support to manage your conferences and trade shows?

We’ll share 12 Cvent alternatives and competitors that might fit what you’re looking for. We will present the customer ratings, what customer support is offered, pricing comparison, and what features they cover.

Why Do People Look for Cvent Alternatives?

#1. Poor Customer Service

Cvent Alternatives - Poor customer service

A common complaint from Cvent’s customers seeking alternatives is the poor quality of customer service. One user mentioned that when Cvent acquired Social Table, their customer support essentially “disappeared.” Given the many moving parts involved, especially before and during events, it’s crucial to have a company like Whova that offers high-quality customer service.

#2. Over Complexed

Cvent Alternatives - Over complicated

More features do not always mean better product. Sometimes, an overly complicated system can cause you to waste valuable time as your event approaches. It’s crucial to find an alternative platform with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, not just for the admin team but also for your attendees, exhibitors, and speakers.

#3. Over Priced

Cvent Alternatives - Over priced

No, you heard that right. Adding a custom URL would cost an extra $1,500, which is beyond the budget for most events. It’s time to switch to an alternative platform that costs a fraction of this price while delivering a higher quality product and superior customer service.

What To Consider Best Cvent Alternatives

When we look at the alternatives to Cvent, we consider this following factors:

  1. High quality Customer Service: High-quality customer service ensures that customers are satisfied with their interactions and experiences with a company. This satisfaction can lead to repeat business and long-term customer loyalty.
  2. Intuitive and Easy to Use Software: Software that is intuitive and easy to use encourages adoption among users. If the software is straightforward, users are more likely to embrace it and integrate it into their daily workflows.
  3. Affordable: Keeping expenses in check is crucial for any organization. An affordable solution helps manage costs effectively, ensuring that the organization stays within its budget and can allocate resources to other important areas.

12 Best Cvent Alternatives: Product, Services & Pricing

1. Whova (Best Cvent Alternative)

G2 Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (1,335 Reviews)
Customer Support: Online Chat, Email, Phone, 1:1 Onboarding, Dedicated Account Manager
Pricing: extremely cost effective, price available upon request

Whova is considered by many event planners to be the best alternative to Cvent. Its easy to use and powerful event management solution helps event organizers save time managing event logistics, as well as creates a modern and trendy event experience. 

Whova’s end-to-end event platform consists of comprehensive features like registration, abstract management, event website builder, award-winning event appbadging & check-in, surveys & polling, certificates, attendance tracking, analytics & report, social media integration, waiver forms, CRM integrations, exhibition management, virtual/hybrid events, and more. Whova covers most of the features that Cvent offers and comes with easier to use interfaces.

Whova has received the People’s Choice Award and the Best Event App Award at the Event Technology Awards (the ‘Oscars’ of event technology). It is also named on G2’s Top 50 Software Companies for 4 years in a row.

Unlike Cvent, as all the Whova product components are built-in, you can get support questions answered from one single team within minutes.

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2. Cvent vs Stova

G2 Rating: 4.2/5 (167 Reviews)
Customer Support: Online Chat, Email, Phone
Pricing: similar to Cvent

As a competitor of Cvent, Stova (formerly Aventri) is a full service event software company. It covers venue sourcing, event marketing, onsite services, attendee engagement tools, virtual event services, data analytics, and logistics management.  

Similar to some other event management platforms, Stova offers event organizers real-time audience engagement tools, screen-sharing and presentation options, live streaming on all devices, and multi-session functionality, session tracks, and branded event graphics are among the platform’s seamless virtual event solutions. 

Additionally, Stova’s system supports integration with other software like HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce.

3. Cvent vs Eventbrite

G2 Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (759 Reviews)
Customer Support: Online Chat, Email
Pricing: The ticket fee is 3.7% + $1.79 per paid ticket

Cvent competitors - Eventbrite

Eventbrite is another competitor of Cvent. Eventbrite provides event planners with an event ticketing system and event technology platform to help organize and sell tickets online, while giving attendees a place to discover events that fit their interest. 

Eventbrite has worked well with quite a number of concerts, film and music festivals and workshops. However, it lacks some critical functions such as attendee engagement and networking, sponsor and exhibitor management, mobile event app, and others.

Evenbrite’s ticketing features include email invitation creation, RSVP tracking, and ticket selling. Event organizers can manage ticket sales online via a web portal, or through integration with social media sites such as Facebook. It also offers real-time sales data which helps event planners to track attendance and ticket revenue.

4. Cvent vs RainFocus

G2 Rating: 4.6 / 5 (40 reviews)
Customer Support: Email, Phone.
Pricing: similar to Cvent

As an alternative to Cvent, RainFocus is an end-to-end event management and marketing software. They support all types of events ranging from annual conferences to trade shows to sales kickoffs. RainFocus is great for event organizers and marketing teams and supports mostly larger enterprise events.

RainFocus integrates registration, exhibitor activation, and content management within a single dashboard. Organizers are able to see behavioral data on their events for marketing and sales conversions and personalize their attendee experience. RaindFocus also has an exhibitor module to give exhibitors visibility and quality leads. It also offers integration to Salesforce and Marketo.

5. Cvent vs WildApricot

G2 Score: 4.0 out of 5.0 (39 Reviews)
Customer Support: Online Chat, Email, Phone call
Pricing: $3,480/year for 5,000 members.

The WildApricot platform is the fourth recommended alternative to Cvent. The WildApricot platform offers event management tools, including online event registration and a mobile event app, as well as customizable web page templates and an automated promotional email tool. However, it’s important to note that the platform is primarily geared towards organizations with membership management needs like clubs and associations. 

Its membership management capabilities and flexible pricing options makes WildApricot a solid option for organizations in need of software to help manage smaller, regular gatherings. WildApricot’s platform integrates with Whova’s all-in-one attendee and event management system, which gives you the opportunity to sync your membership information and reap the benefits of both software.

But if the events you host are larger and less frequent without the need for membership management, you may want to consider other options, like Whova, that offer full service without an annual subscription.

6. Cvent vs Splash

G2 Score: 4.6 out of 5.0 (157 Reviews)
Customer Support: Online chat, email, Phone.
Pricing: $9,500/year + (5.5% + $1.00 per ticket)

Splash is an event marketing and management platform that could be an alternative to Cvent for some events. As one of the best event registration software, Splash has certain capabilities for event check-in and registration, and even offers some features to support virtual and hybrid events. If your primary interest is event marketing, Splash is an option worth looking into, although some organizers have expressed that it’s slightly too expensive for their event.

Splash’s strong attention to event marketing works well alongside its registration function. Useful features include event check-in, shareable registration confirmation cards, and control over ticket availability. It also integrates with Zapier so you can easily connect it with other tools.

While Splash can also function as an event platform, it falls short in several of the feature categories, provided by other platforms, including networking and exhibitor tools.

7. Cvent vs Glue Up

G2 Ratings: 4.6 / 5.0 (51 reviews)
Customer Support: Online chat, email, Phone.
Pricing: Not disclosed but subscription-based

Glue up is an all-in-one CRM platform that expanded its portfolio to build and engage communities through events, memberships & other digital tools. They offer event management that strengthens organizations, relationships, and business value through purposeful engagement.

Some features of Glue Up are an event website builder, branded event invitations, attendee chat, live check-in metrics, and ROI insights. It is used by different associations, chambers of commerce, and business networks worldwide.

Glue up would be best for organizations that need a new CRM management tool and need to coordinate events.

8. Cvent vs OneCause

G2 Score: 4.7 out of 5.0 (252 Reviews)
Customer Support: Online Chat, Email, Phone
Pricing: Available upon request

Another Cvent competitor to consider is OneCause, a robust online event fundraising platform. OneCause provides online giving and mobile bidding services for streaming events and auction events. The platform offers great support for nonprofits to engage new donors and raise more funds. OneCause has worked with many non profits including Dental Health Arlington and the Merakey Foundation.

OneCause has made it easier for organizers to manage multiple fund-raising events, connect with more donors, streamline the giving experience, and become more effective fundraisers. The software also integrates with platforms including Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge.

9. Cvent vs Higher Logic

G2 Rating: 4.4 / 5 (147 reviews)
Customer Support: Email, Phone.
Pricing: Not disclosed but subscription-based

Higher Logic is a Cvent alternative that creates solutions for creating and engaging online communities. They are a cloud-based engagement platform that’s goal is to enhance customer experience. In addition to their community engagement platform, they offer an event software labeled Events+. 

Q&A, payment and registration, leader and speaker engagement, customizable and brandable design are some of the features of Higher Logic. The platform also allows CRM integration for customer tracking.

Higher Logic is also not as extensive as others and would be used mostly for regularly occurring events that generate revenue.

10. Cvent vs Zoom Events

G2 Score: 4.4 out of 5.0 (275 Reviews)
Customer Support: Online Chat, Email
Pricing: $5,280/year for 1,000 attendees

Zoom Events is a virtual event platform that supports several aspects of online event management, such as streaming live sessions, managing event sharing and ticketing, and more. It’s been geared mostly towards smaller courses and webinar series, so it might not be the best fit if you’re planning a larger event or conference. For example, it lacks some of the more advanced features other platforms provide, like digital booths for sponsors and exhibitors.

Zoom Events combines various steps of the event planning process, and it’s worth considering if you’re planning a smaller-scale event that won’t need all of the features offered by a more comprehensive, all-in-one event planning software.

11. Cvent vs GoToWebinar

G2 Score: 4.2 out of 5.0 (626 Reviews)
Customer Support: Online Chat, Email
Pricing: $4,788/year for 3,000 attendees

The GoToWebinar virtual conference platform is another Cvent alternative that operates similarly to Zoom Events. The platform’s online webinar solution powers millions of webinars every year, and its reliable, easy-to-use webinar technology is commonly leveraged for training, corporate communications, and marketing.

GoToWebinar’s functionality also includes integrations and analytics for organizers to engage audiences and foster personal connections in order to support the organizers’ business development. 

GoToWebinar is an option to consider for organizers who need a platform geared primarily toward short duration meetings and webinars. If your event is larger or has an in-person element that would benefit from a more comprehensive event management system, you may want to look elsewhere.

12. Cvent vs Constant Contact

G2 Score: 4.0 out of 5.0 (4,721 Reviews)
Customer Support: Online Chat, Email.
Pricing: Monthly subscription starts at $45 + (5.4% + $0.80 per ticket)

The Constant Contact platform is another Cvent competitor to consider as an alternative. Constant Contact provides its customers with the ability to manage email content, track registration, and schedule event reminders. This particular platform will be most useful to event organizers in search of a dependent email marketing system. 

However, Constant Contact may be an expensive choice if you aren’t working with a particularly large contact database, or will only need to send a small number of emails for your event campaign. 

Constant Contact easily integrates with other systems like Whova or Eventbrite so you can build invitations and registration into your email marketing campaigns. You need to be an Eventbrite customer to use the registration features.

Cvent Alternatives & Competitors: Summary

Consider these top Cvent competitors as you explore your options for an event management software. As a top Cvent alternative, Whova can amplify your attendee engagement, save you time planning, and improve your event experience overall. Click here to request a free live demo for Whova.

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