April 4, 2024

Ticket add-ons offer a dynamic way to enhance your event experience right from the moment of registration, in addition to boosting your event’s income. These add-ons, ranging from unique event merchandise to specialized workshops and exclusive social events, enable attendees to tailor their experience, while providing an additional revenue source for organizers.

Whova supports add-ons for both attendee registrations and exhibitor registrations, which have been leveraged by thousands of events. Organizers can conveniently specify the quantity and order limit for add-ons, as well as restrict certain add-ons to specific ticket types exclusively.

To further optimize event revenue and enhance attendee experience, Whova’s newest update introduces the ability for attendees to purchase add-ons post-registration. This way, if attendees change their minds and would like to purchase more add-ons, they can simply use a link in their initial confirmation email to access the Whova registration portal and add more items or tickets. Organizers can also leverage this enhancement to offer new add-ons and then allow registrants to come back to make additional purchases.

Keep attendees happy, all while making more money for your event!

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Attendees can easily purchase more add-ons & tickets

In their initial registration confirmation email, attendees will receive a link to the Attendee Registration Portal, a central location where they manage their orders. From there, they can purchase additional tickets and add-ons that are still available, saving you time by empowering them to handle these last-minute changes themselves — without having to go through you.

Attendees can easily add to their order after registration

To keep these registration details secure, attendees can access the portal by logging into or creating a Whova account, which they can create during registration or when accessing their portal.

Increase event revenue with more add-on and ticket sales

Add-ons – whether they’re merch, extra sessions, networking opportunities, or anything else – can be a great way to increase revenue for your event and enhance attendee experience. So it pays to make them as convenient as possible for attendees to purchase throughout your event.

With the ability to quickly sign up for an interesting session or decide they actually do want to buy the event t-shirt, attendees will feel naturally encouraged to purchase more add-ons in the time leading up to the event. 

Not to mention, attendees who aren’t entirely sure about their order can still sign up right away, instead of procrastinating as they figure out exactly which add-ons they’re interested in. With more sign-ups and more add-ons, it’s easy to create livelier and more dynamic events, all while increasing funds!

A central place for attendees to view purchase records

The Registration Portal also makes it easier for attendees to keep records. Attendees will conveniently be able to view a full list of all their purchases directly from the portal, instead of hunting for multiple confirmation emails in their inbox. Meanwhile, organizers can view each registrant’s purchase history directly from their Whova dashboard for easy record-keeping.

View purchase records in an easy-to-access central location

Boost attendee satisfaction while increasing funds

With this new enhancement, managing registration changes has never been easier. With streamlined access to add-ons and tickets through the Attendee Registration Portal, attendees can make additional purchases easily, while you benefit from increased sales and simplified management. Interested in Whova’s other solutions for registration and event management? Request a free demo today.

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