January 14, 2024

If you want to boost event revenue, look into the exhibitors you already have. Beyond offering tiered packages, you might also consider selling a-la-carte bonuses for exhibitors with different budgets/needs. From facility rentals to sponsored charging stations, selling exhibitor add-ons can open up multiple avenues for revenue. In fact, in Whova’s recent poll, 44.7% of our respondents took advantage of this flexibility themselves, reporting that they sell a-la-carte options to their exhibitors.

Currently, Whova’s Exhibitor Registration empowers our customers to customize and sell tiered packages (some of which leverage built-in ROI opportunities such as in person and virtual lead generation gamifications, digital booths and higher in-app visibility)! Through this dedicated system, organizers can satisfy exhibitors with select bundles and offer these bundles for the organizer’s set price. This increases exhibitor visibility and gives organizers the choice of what to sell and how much to charge.

Now, with Whova’s latest release, you can add to your tiered packages by selling individual exhibitor add-ons! Take your exhibitors’ desired perks and sell them as individual bonuses. The possibilities are endless with add-ons like booth size and table upgrades as well as Whova specific perks, like passport contests, exhibitor outreach campaigns and more! Your exhibitors will have more flexibility to choose from your creative offerings, allowing you to profit from multiple directions.


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Easily Customize and Create Add-Ons

Our exhibitor add-ons are easy to create, so you can sell them with minimal work. If you’ve previously used Whova’s Exhibitor Registration to create and customize tier packages, it will be just as easy to fashion your exhibitor add-ons. 

Our exhibitor add-ons are highly customizable, giving you control over their names, descriptions, prices and the offerings you choose to give. This way, you can personalize your add-ons to your event and get creative with offerings that most speak to your exhibitors.


Customization and control – Easily add details (description, price, and more) to make your add-on standout.


Once you’ve set up your desired exhibitor add-ons, you can preview them before you publish them! Check out your whole registration page before the exhibitors do, and make sure everything looks just how you want it.

A Clear Way for Exhibitors to Purchase Add-Ons

Our exhibitor registration page neatly highlights your offerings so exhibitors can easily make their desired purchases. 

After an exhibitor chooses a main tier, they’ll be able to see all of the available add-ons and their price. This allows exhibitors to quickly judge what they can and cannot afford. Then, according to their budget, they can buy add-ons in controllable amounts to maximize their ROI. In this way, your flexible offerings and price levels will let you satisfy a wider range of exhibitors and maximize your profits.


Sell exhibitor add-ons alongside exhibitor tiers for easy, exciting purchases.


In addition, you have the option to make certain add-ons only purchasable to certain tiers!  When organizers first select a tier, the corresponding add-ons will immediately appear below.  Not only do you have control over giving the right exhibitors extended access to perks, but you can also create a feeling of exclusivity. This simultaneously promotes the value of both tiers and add-ons and increases your potential revenue. 

Track Your Orders and Earnings

For each add-on, download a ready-made excel spreadsheet to confirm which exhibitors have purchased this offering!


Like in the past with tiers, Whova will track your exhibitor add-ons purchases as exhibitors order them, without you needing to lift a finger. This is great for simple record keeping, letting you know who ordered what in case you ever need to show confirmation. For more seamless event planning, use our automatic tracking to keep up with your sales.


Preview your add-ons’ popularity at a glance with automatically-calculated sales numbers and an organized table for easy comparisons.


In addition, our tracking allows you to see an overall picture of how much you earned from selling add-ons. Review and assess your total sales or zoom into your different package sales and compare which ones sold more than others. This centralized view allows you to better understand how small sales make up your big picture event and offers you an opportunity to optimize your exhibitor offerings the following year.

Make Bonus Revenue Your Baseline

Increase your event revenue by offering the flexibility of exhibitor add-ons. Exhibitors will appreciate both the opportunity to buy affordable, individual add-ons as well as the hassle-free registration experience on Whova. 

With Whova’s Exhibitor Add-ons, you can easily offer exciting and affordable perks that will satisfy Exhibitor’s ROI needs and allow income to flow in. From customization-rich set-up, a hassle-free Exhibitor Registration experience, and automatic order tracking, we’ll also keep things well-managed from start to end. Switch from other registration software, maximize your event revenue, and allow Whova to help you run a streamlined, profitable event that will keep your exhibitors coming back year after year.

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